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Pests may attack your residential and commercial properties, creating nuisance indoors. The sight of some pests can make you and those around you uncomfortable; this is why availing of professional pest control services becomes essential. At Tom’s Pest Control, we carry out safe and effective pest control treatments to give you a pest-free property. Our team of experts can remove all types of pests, including cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, flies, ants, termites, and more. Thanks to our advanced techniques and modern tools, pest extermination for large and small properties is easy for us.

    How Can You Control The Population Of Pests In Your Property?

    When you see any pest on your property, you are likely to make an effort to remove it by yourself. If the pest problem is in the initial stage, you may manage to remove these pests quickly. Here are some things you can do before calling an expert for help:

    • Check for areas where the pests are hiding or coming from. They can come from cracks ***in the wall or a drain. Whichever area this is, you may make arrangements to block it. 
    • Keep your kitchen clean at all times as most pests attack kitchens. Any leftover food on the plate or loose food packets may attract pests. 
    • You may use cockroach-repellent garbage bags for safety. 
    • Keep food in air-tight containers to avoid pests like flies sitting on them.

    Pest Control Cost Airport West

    The price of pest control services may vary depending on the type of pest and treatment required. For example, some pest control issues require spraying pesticides in various corners of the property. However, some problems require bait treatments or fumigation treatment. Also, if the infestation level is too high, there may be the need for two or more treatments. Hence, the cost of the complete procedure will differ from case to case. If you want to know how much you will have to spend to remove a particular pest from your property, speak to our experts. Our team will offer a free quote for the services you are looking to avail yourself of. 

    What Makes Professional Pest Control Services Essential?

    Many types of pests may enter your home or office. While some pests are not harmful to your health and property, some require immediate removal. For example, a pest like a termite can eat your home’s wooden structures and walls, causing huge damage. If you do not hire a professional pest control expert to remove termites from your property, you will likely face a huge financial loss. Another reason why you must hand over the job of pest removal to an expert in the safety of your children and pets. At Tom’s Pest Control, when we undertake the responsibility of eradicating pests from your property, we ensure to use effective yet safe methods. Our treatments will remove the pests from your property but not cause any damage to the health of your loved ones.

    Pest Control Services We Offer For Your Airport West Property

    We are one of the best pest control companies you can trust. Call us for services like:

    What Makes Us Different From Our Competitors?

    There are many pest control companies available in the market today. However, choosing us to take care of your pest control needs is wise because we have been in this industry for years. We have catered to the pest control needs of thousands of properties, and this is what makes us an expert. No matter what pests are living on your property, we can identify them, choose the most effective removal procedure and apply it to the best of our ability. Also, we ensure the application of safe chemicals so you and those around you are safe. 

    Our services are available at affordable prices, so you do not have to think twice before hiring us. We guarantee 100% satisfactory results as we apply a customised treatment plan for each of your properties. Our experts ensure to study the issue well and use the treatment that will get you the best results possible.

    Systematic Approach To Pest Removal

    We adopt a 4 stage method to remove pests from your property altogether. 

    Here are the steps we carry out –


    Providing a pest control treatment without understanding the pest issue can waste effort. This is why we ensure to inspect your property as a first step to beginning the procedure. Our pest controllers will examine the type of pests on your property and check for their specie, population, hiding spots, etc. This information helps our experts to plan the treatment better. Whatever we find during the inspection will be shared with you in the form of reports.

    Customised Plan

    We will create a treatment plan for your property, depending on what we find during the inspection. The plan will include complete information about the procedure, the time required, expected results, etc. We will follow whatever we mention in our treatment plan to get you the desired results.

    Enquire Now

    If you’re looking for professional and reliable pest control contact us today on (03) 9034 5957 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you immediately. We are the experts in environmentally friendly pest control.


    Once you know what we will be doing, we will begin the extermination procedure. In most severe cases, we carry out more than one treatment procedure to get you good results. Sometimes a mix of chemical and non-chemical treatments is required. No matter what your property requires, we ensure to provide a solution for the same.

    Prevention Tips

    Once we have removed the pests from y our property, we will share some prevention tips with you. It is essential to follow our aftercare instructions to prevent the pests from coming back to your property. We know you are busy with your schedule, and you may not have the time to carry out complicated procedures to prevent pest attacks again. This is why we share some simple tips that you can follow easily and keep your home pest free for long.

    Licenced, Insured Operations

    We offer fully licensed and fully insured pest control services to our customers, so they need not worry about anything.

    Friendly, Hassle-Free Service

    We believe in offering a convenient and hassle-free service experience to our customers, which is why we are always ready to answer all of your questions.

    Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

    We wish to satisfy all our customers with our high-quality services. If you aren’t happy or satisfied with our service, you can get in touch with us and we can help you again.


    Wonderful service. I called in the morning for an appointment that night without a problem. Paul was beyond accommodating and Neel was really polite, informative and transparent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I get pest control services done?

    It would help if you aimed at keeping your property clean and tidy to keep pests at bay. However, despite all your efforts, there are chances of problems entering your property. Most people contact pest control experts when they feel the infestation issue is rising with the passing day and cannot control it. However, it is recommended to professional pest removal services for your Airport West property at the very moment you spot a pest or two on your property. In most cases, the infestation is more severe than you think, as pests have the knack for hiding in corners of your property, making it difficult for you to notice them. Once their population in your home rises to a great extent is only when you may spot them more often. Hence, availing of pest control services at initial signs can save your home from any damage that many pests may cause. If you are not sure whether you must get a pest control treatment done on your property, you can, as our experts, inspect your property and suggest the services (if required).

    Can I expect 100% results with your termite pest control services?

    Termites are one of the most destructive pests found in many properties. If not treated well, they are likely to cause severe damage to you your property. If termites are feeding on your chair or bed or any wooden furniture, you are likely to avail of our termite pest control services for effective results. With our professional services, we are sure to remove the termites from your property altogether. However, the possibility of the pests returning to your property cannot be ignored. Hence, we suggest prevention plans that require you to put in some effort to ensure the results are maintained. The tips we will share with you will prevent the termites from attacking your property again. If you follow the prevention tips our team shared, you will likely see a positive outcome and lasting results.

    Is it recommended to follow home remedial procedures to keep pests away?

    Pests may enter your Airport West property and create a nuisance. You may be desperate to remove these pests from your property and will likely follow various home remedies available on the internet. However, all home remedies don’t work well in getting you the expected results. If you ignore the infestation for too long or keep trying different home remedies, you may be doing bad than good. Hence, it is recommended to seek professional help at the beginning itself. Hire the experts at Tom’s Pest Control when you first see signs of pest infestation. No matter what type of pests are living on your property, if you cannot control their population, they are likely to create an unhygienic environment for you to live in. To avoid the issue increasing and getting out of control, it is best to hire our pest control experts to immediately take care of the problem.

    Contact Us For More Details

    When you first see the signs of pest infestation, it is best to connect with us. Even one or two pests here and there on your property can mean a severe infestation issue in future. To avoid the inconvenience of extensive pest control treatments in future, it is best to seek professional help initially. Call us to book a pest control service!