Effective Ant Removal Services for Your Property

Ants are one of the most common pests found in homes, offices and other properties. They enter searching for a source of food and water and, once they find it, they settle in your property by building nests to attach their colonies and form large numbers quickly.

Their ability to build multiple colonies with self-organising networks make them difficult to eradicate as there is no centralised spot for extermination. That’s why it is important to identify an ant infestation early on and take appropriate measures against them since this pest can become quite problematic once they start multiplying in your property.

At Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne, we offer professional ant removal services to give you a clean, ant-free environment to live in. We carry out the pest control procedure step by step systematically to deliver the best results possible.

Australian Ant Types

argentina ant

Argentina Ants

Argentina ants are an invasive ant species from South America that have spread around the world. They usually live in large colonies and can produce enormous amounts of damage to crops and property due to their sheer numbers.

These ants are known for successfully invading new habitats, where they outcompete the native ants with their aggressive behaviour and ability to interact socially across multiple colonies.

black garden ant

Black Garden Ants

The worker ants are 4 - 5mm long, whereas the queen ants of this species are 15mm long. Dark brown or black in colour, these ants have a small segment at their waistline. Black garden ants form their nests outdoors in soil or below paving slabs of buildings. They are attracted to sweets and foods high in protein.


Coastal Brown Ants

Yellow-brown in colour, these ants are about 1.5 to 2.5mm long. The workers build the nest and are responsible for food supplies. Male coastal brown ants have wings. The females also have wings until after mating. These ants nest in dry areas and are attracted to foods like meat, sweets, fruits, and oily items.


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants vary in size and are nocturnal. They do not travel in large numbers, which makes it difficult to spot their presence on a property. These ants don’t just build one nest but a series of satellite nests. Carpenter ants eat human food as well as living and dead insects. Also, they are known to cause considerable damage to wooden objects.


White-Footed House Ants

These ants are dark brown or black in colour, have yellow-white feet, and are about 3mm long. If these ants build a colony in your home, there could be millions of ants living inside your property. In addition, these creatures are very invasive, which makes them difficult to eradicate pests.

bull ant

Bull Ants

Bull ants are a species of ant known for their formidable size, fierce bite, and powerful venom. Bull ants are found across the world, and their bites cause both intense pain and the potential for severe allergic reaction.

The initial bite is often accompanied by redness, irritation, and swelling, but be aware of more severe symptoms such as anaphylaxis - bull ants have been responsible for fatalities in the past. The potency of their venom makes it important to seek medical attention immediately should a bull ant bite occur.

singapore ant

Singapore Ants

Singapore ants have become a major issue in Australia since the species was introduced in the early 2000s. An aggressive ant, Singapore ants pose a threat to Australia's environment, agriculture, and urban development.

These ants reproduce rapidly, forming large supercolonies that can wipe out native ant populations and their associated ecosystems. Singapore ants are also known to invade homes and buildings, spread disease, and damage carpets, furniture, insulation and electrical wiring.

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