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Bird Control Services In Melbourne

Are you struggling with the invasion of birds and searching for bird control treatment or bird removal company options in Melbourne?

Birds depend on human habitats for food, breeding, and escape from predators, and many of them do not cause any disturbance to people. However, some bird species create a real nuisance for both homeowners and businesses alike.

Tom’s Pest Control has qualified and experienced bird prevention specialists and effective standardised procedures.

We know how some birds can make trouble in your daily life and we have ways to protect you from such hassles.

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Common Pest Birds Seen In Melbourne

In Melbourne, businesses and residents often struggle with the following birds and choose us to protect their properties:
  • Seagulls
  • Starlings
  • Pigeons
  • Indian myna
  • House sparrow
As a leading bird removal company with several years of experience, we are qualified and licensed to remove all pest bird species. Do you have any specific questions regarding your requirements and want to learn more? Talk to our bird netting and control specialists today.

Why You Should Control Birds Around Your Property

If not controlled on time and effectively, pest birds can become a real nuisance for you in terms of property damage, monetary loss, and more.
  • Birds are often carriers of various pathogens that can significantly affect the health of your family or customers. Medical News Today studies confirm that birds and their droppings may lead to more than 60 diseases, including parrot fever and histoplasmosis.
  • Birds may carry ticks, mites, fleas, and other biting insects that can carry diseases, putting you and your habitat in danger.
  • Many species can cause damage to your property, including dislodging roof tiles, building nests, blocking gutters, and more.
  • In addition to health risks, bird droppings can make your premises look dirty, unwelcoming, and require regular cleaning.
  • Birds may become aggressive and can attack the inhabitants or customers and employees, especially during the breeding season.
If you have pet birds or have a poultry farm business, you should be extra-careful about pest birds as the damage they may cause can be much more than you expect.
bird removal from roof, bird removal from house ,bird control melbourne, bird removal melbourne & bird prevention services

Why is it important to bird proof your solar panels?


It is critical for people to keep an eye on pesky birds to protect their health and property. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Wellbeing Threats-Bird droppings and nesting materials have been linked to several diseases that can infect both humans as well as animals. Their droppings contain various parasites and communicable diseases such as encephalitis and salmonella.
  • Investing Costs– Along with affecting people’s wellbeing, bird droppings and other debris can damage your property. If left untouched, birds can completely ruin your property or solar panel after weeks, months and years of damage. 
  • Equipment Defects– Pigeon droppings can cause damage that is costly to solar panels and other equipment. The acidic nature of their faeces can discolours surfaces and oxidise metals.
  • Clogged Drains– Bird droppings and nesting materials such as twigs, grass and moss clog the drains and gutters. If not cleaned properly it can cause flooding, especially during the rainy season.
  • Falling Chances– Slippery bird droppings in the environment can increase frequent slips and falls chances.
  • Food safety is important– Birds find their way into restaurants, storage facilities, processing and packaging areas, and other places and contaminate food. Not monitoring bird nests can substantially impact food safety scrutiny.

Why you should protect solar panels from bird infestation?


Birds nest or shelter on solar panels. No matter how much you clean the panel, they find the gap between the rooftop and solar panel ideal for laying eggs and building their nest. It can damage the solar panel and reduce its effectiveness.

Birds can destroy solar infrastructure including the cabling/wiring and the PV panels. Thus, protecting your costly solar panels from bird invasion is necessary. The best way to protect them is to use traditional techniques such as bird netting, mesh and anti-bird spikes. If the bird proofing options are not rigorously installed and maintained, the birds will find a way to come back.

We are here to prevent that from happening. When you choose us for bird proofing on solar panels, we ensure that it should be done in the most professional manner. We have a team of experts who know bird proofing jobs well and install them in a manner to provide long-lasting protection from birds.

Our safety and quality promise to you!


If your residential or commercial building is under the constant presence of birds like pigeons, seagulls or sparrows, we can help you out instantly, strategically, and economically with humane treatment of birds.

You can rely on us for the best pigeon-proofing techniques for solar panels. Our technicians have all the knowledge necessary to put an action plan together to sanitise as well as keep birds off your property permanently.

Tom’s Pest Control’s Bird Removal Procedure

Regardless of if you want bird removal from your house or your workplace, we have the same standard, set procedures to provide you with long-lasting results. We provide a comprehensive, four-step bird protection and control service to our customers:

Bird Prevention Inspection

Our qualified bird control specialists will visit you at your property at your convenience and complete a bird inspection. They will confirm the type of the bird you’re dealing with, its characteristics, any damage it has caused to the property, and more.

During the inspection, our bird control experts will find out birds’ nests and the factors around your property that attracted these birds.

Bird Removal Treatment Plan

Based on our inspection, we will create a tailored treatment plan specific to your requirements. The tailored plan will include the treatment procedure, the timeline of completion, guidelines for the inhabitants, the expected outcome, and more.

Our local team of bird control specialists will update you about the Bird Removal treatment procedure and answer all your queries before the treatment begins.

Bird Control Removal Procedure

Based on the treatment plan, our team will bring the right equipment to complete the procedure. At Tom’s Pest Control, we use various methods such as bird traps, bird spikes, shock tracks, and a sound system to control the birds in your environment.

We use various methods as different birds have a varied response to these procedures. And for us, you should get the right bird control treatment for your needs.

Ongoing Prevention Tips

A one-time treatment won’t give you long-term results without ongoing prevention tips. After the removal process, our technicians will provide you with prevention tips specific to your property and the type of pest bird.

You have a greater role in controlling the bird population around your premises. You should:

  • Eliminate standing water around your property
  • Keep your areas clean and trash cans covered
  • Never try to feed pest birds
  • Maintain the yard and trim trees to reduce pest bird roosting
  • Clean gutters regularly to avoid standing water and bird nesting

Superior Services Experience

At Tom’s Pest Control, we make a difference with our superior service, and it helped build a long-term relationship with all our customers. The aspects that can make us your preferred choice for bird removal in Melbourne are the following:
  • Quick same/next day service
  • Trained, certified, and highly experienced team of technicians
  • Family-friendly, safe pest control methods
  • Upfront quotes, competitive prices
  • Local pest control teams
  • Friendly, warm service experience
  • Hassle-free communication at every level
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Are you searching for specialists for bird removal from roofs or high-rise buildings? At Tom’s Pest Control, we have both equipment and expertise to fulfil many complex pest removal requirements.
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Can Pest Control get rid of birds?

Yes. Any professional pest control company can remove birds from your property. No matter which birds have attacked the area of your home, if you want to remove them humanely from your property, you got to hire a reliable pest control company. Using the proper techniques and equipment, experts can take out the birds in your home in a safe and hygienic matter. If a bird has entered your home and is building a nest, you must contact the experts at Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne today to move it out of your home securely.

How do you get rid of birds naturally?

There are many ways to get rid of birds naturally. Birds do not like shiny items. So, you can place small mirrors in areas of your home where they attack mostly. Also, you may place fake figures of owls or cats to scare the birds away. If there’s a particular place in your home where birds come to eat food or drink water, ensure to clean it. Remove any source of food from your property may discourage them from coming inside your property. If birds are found on your attic or below patio covers, you could use bird netting to prevent them from sitting there.

Who do you call to get a bird out of your house?

To get a bird out from your home, it is best to contact a professional pest control expert. Get in touch with the experts at Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne, and we promise to remove birds from your property safely. We will use the proper techniques and equipment to remove birds from your property, no matter where they’re hiding. Even if birds have entered your ceiling through a hole or gap, we can remove them quickly. We promise to use safe methods to take the birds out of your house so you don’t feel the guilt of removing them from your property.

What do you do when a bird is stuck in your house?

If a bird is stuck in your home, you need to stay calm before taking any action. Do not shout as this may scare and confuse the bird, causing it to fly continuously within your home. The next step would be to open all doors and windows to allow the bird to find its way out. If the bird finds it challenging to find its way out, you can call a pest control expert to remove the bird out of your home safely. Pest control experts know how to handle birds and help them find their way out.

What is a sign of infestation by birds?

When birds enter your property, they may create a mess. Here are some signs that you need to watch out to understand whether there’s a bird infestation issue at your property.
· Bird sounds
· Sticks, grass or leaves indicating the presence of nests
· Bird droppings
· Bird Feather
· Dirt from nests
It is essential to act immediately after you have noticed the first signs of bird infestation. Treating the problem in the initial stage will protect your property from being invaded by more birds. The sooner you react, the faster you will be able to get rid of them.

How much does it cost for bird removal?

Bird removal cost in Melbourne can range between $300 – $1000. Cost of bird removal A pest control expert can best determine the cost of bird removal. Pest control companies inspect your property at first and then provide the quotation for the service required. In the case of bird infestation, the experts will check the level of infestation and the time and effort required to remove the bird from your property. Also, if the bird has built a nest, the cost will change accordingly. To know the exact cost of bird removal, it is best to connect with the experts at Tom’s Pest Control and book an inspection for your property.

How do I get rid of birds on my roof?

There are many ways to prevent birds from sitting on your roof. If you see too many birds collecting on your roof, you may consider throwing water on the roof to discourage them from sitting there. They may not return until a few hours, but they may begin to collect on the roof again as time passes. Also, you may keep fake predators on the roof to scare them. You can buy a fake owl toy and place it on your roof to scare the birds. However, you will have to change the position of the fake predator not to let the birds know it’s a dummy.

Please note most of the techniques will give you a temporary solution for the problem. Suppose you want to get rid of birds permanently from your property. In that case, you need to hire a professional pest control company that will take care of the current bird infestation issue at your property and make arrangements to avoid them in the future as well.

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