Performing repairs in your house should not be done without installing termite pest control barriers as safety measures. Similarly, learning about termite prevention methods can help you choose a new home wisely. So, when your contractor hasn’t installed any termite barriers, you can accurately anticipate possible troubles.

Comprehending why a termite wall or barrier is essential for a home is done simply by recognising its immediate need. When these measures are in place, termites cannot enter your home from under the ground or via the soil. But, obtaining them from inexperienced teams over professionals can raise security concerns. Let’s read further about how these barriers are crucial and why engaging professional help is mandatory.

Can You Be Fined For Not Getting Termite Control?

Yes, it’s a possibility. The National Construction Code mentions specific guidelines that must be followed about having termite risk management systems. In elaboration, the guidelines require homes to be constructed with termite-resistant materials when they don’t have a termite risk management solution. Similarly, it’s legally required also to have regular termite inspection and maintenance of the termite management systems.

Risks & Importance of Early Termite Control Solutions

Suppose you haven’t built your abode with termite-resistant material, and it lacks termite risk management measures. In such conditions, you may subject yourself to the following risks:

  • Damage to Ceilings and Walls
  • Damage to the Core Stability Elements
  • Damage to Flooring and Foundation
  • Unreliable Electrical System
  • And much more

When building an entirely new house, it is crucial to keep these hazards at bay. You may ask your builder to give you an inspection report on termite activity for your new construction. Likewise, it’s better to have professional termite inspection technicians examine your prospective new home before purchase.

The reports of newer constructions should ideally show no evidence of termite activity since termite barriers usually protect them. In contrast, when termite risk prevention measures are absent, hire a team that could provide you with chemical termite barriers.

Highly Effective Termite Barriers for New Homes in Australia

Contrary to the obvious meaning, a termite barrier is not a border that serves to protect your home despite offering such outcomes. A termite barrier is a system placed around the house to keep termites out. Today, newer home constructions in Australia already have such barriers installed for your convenience and protection.

Typically, you may find these two well-known and widely employed termite baits or barriers installed across modern constructions.

  • Sentricon Termite Barriers

Sentricon Always Active Termite Barriers are truthfully termite bait systems and are quite the wonder. They work well enough to keep termites out of your home besides monitoring or detecting termite activity. After a termite inspection confirms there isn’t an infestation on your premises, the Sentricon stations are placed around your property in the ground.

Each unit of the Sentricon station is placed three metres apart in the ground with a strong fixture using an opening of 90mm. Protecting your entire property usually requires 55 linear metres of Sentricon stations in standard scenarios.

The stations will bait and kill the termites for up to 5 years after installation. For optimal protection, replacing them is recommended by the end of 50 per cent of their use.

  • Kordon Termite Protection Barriers

The Kordon sheets have made a name for themselves in the business by protecting estates and homes against termites. Installing them could be challenging unless you hire professional Kordon installers who can do it correctly for your new home’s safety.

The ongoing constructions will see the technicians position the Kordon sheets between the bedding sand and steel-reinforced mesh layers. They will then cover it with concrete to seal it in place.

By the end, your property will be issued a Kordon Termite Treatment Certificate that states acquiring termite protection lasting up to 6 years.

Top Reasons To Get A Termite Control Barrier Now

Termites are infamous for causing property repairs by damaging the structure and assets by entering through underground means or the soil. Any unsealed concrete slabs and foundations are likely the culprits that allow this, so neglecting to seal them can cause termite infestations.

Here are some indications, according to our Melbourne Pest Control technicians, that validate your property might have a termite infestation:

  • Creaking floorboards with carved or a caved-in appearance.
  • Hollow-sounding wood sections of the windows or doors and their frames.
  • Warping of precious wooden objects – usually due to moisture and termites.
  • Walls with blisters or peeling paint due to water damage and infestations.
  • A quieter but noticeable clicking noise originates from the walls.
  • The sighting of mud tubes close to your wooden furniture or house elements.
  • Find broken or moist wood splinters in your premises or around your yard.

Noticing these indicators should be your cue to hire or confirm your termite prevention system could be compromised. In these cases, call for emergency termite control service immediately. Doing so will help to limit termite activity, whose extermination will further save you from needing costly repairs.

Other Ideal Termite Prevention Solutions

In addition to employing Termite Baits & Barriers, keeping them away from your surroundings can be managed by having the following:

  • Chemical Reticulation Systems

Termite Reticulation Systems is simply a pipe structure placed underground, right beneath the important structural elements of your home. These pipes are stocked with termiticides that are pushed through the network, preventing termite entry. Termidor is among the most popular termiticides, needing replenishment every 3 to 5 years.

  • Soil Treatments

Protecting your new home’s concrete slab against termite intrusion can be a suitable alternate choice. It requires spraying Rendacure or similar materials on the concrete slab and near the soil to prevent cracks from forming.

  • Get Waterproofing Compounds

Damp wood will inevitably attract all termites to your property. So, applying waterproofing compounds on the exterior of your building can increase the effectiveness of your termite pest control systems. Reliable choices like Xypex Concentrate and Ardex WPM300, Homeguard Portectacote etc., continue to present anticipated results.

Final Words

Termite Control Barriers and similar solutions can protect your home, given that they are maintained well. You can visit your local Tom’s Pest Control branch or call us to obtain them and other effective termite prevention solutions!

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