Pest Control Chelsea

Tom’s Pest Control is your local pest control partner providing complete pest control solutions in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Our teams of pest control technicians offer bespoke pest removal services and integrated pest management solutions to all residents, local businesses, and guests of Chelsea. Our treatment technique includes chemical, non-chemical, bird proofing and netting, trapping and spike installations. All the methods we apply are time-proven and effective in solving different pest infestations.

In addition, the methods are the best practice in the industry. They provide a high success rate of pest eradication. The products, processes, and equipment we use comply with Australian legislation and regulations, individual circumstances and best practice codes. We assess each pest case individually, providing the most efficient solutions at affordable prices.

    Why Timely Professional Pest Control Is Essential

    Pest issues can be common for any property. Therefore, whether it’s your workstation or home, you will often see a cockroach, an ant or a spider web sometimes or other. The occasional pest visit may not bother some of you, but the main problem arises when these annoying creatures choose your home or office as their favourite dwelling or breeding space. They lay eggs, multiply, and create unbearable nuisance on your property. Here, you will need the help of a reliable pest control company, Tom’s Pest Control.

    Whatever pest you are dealing with, we can help you with the perfect solution. Whether you require nest removal services, are dealing with a persistent rodent issue, or require any other service, we can help.

    Our trained, licensed, and skilled pest controllers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in dealing with different pest problems. So, if you require the service of an expert pest control, Chelsea, don’t hesitate to call us and get friendly advice.

    In addition, our professional service can be your best decision because of the following reasons:

    • Our experienced technicians can identify the pest accurately, which will make their removal or control easier.

    • We know how to correctly use pesticides or other chemicals to protect you from health hazards.

    • We know what solution can be effective in your case, and if needed, we may suggest you move your family and pets out of the area where we are carrying our treatment.

    • We manage each pest problem carefully, which means that your property or environment is free from damage risk.

    • We have access to modern technology and equipment that enable us to destroy pests from their root and ensure no infestation chances in future.

    Our residential pest control includes:

    • Pest control of your entire home
    • Pest control in loft or attic
    • Pest control in garden
    • Pest control in or on the roof
    • Much more

    Our commercial pest control includes:

    • Pest control for offices and workplaces
    • Pest control for restaurants or takeaways
    • Pest control for warehouses
    • Pest control for medical centres
    • Pest control for retail outlets and shops
    • Pest control for hotels
    • Pest control for construction sites
    • Much more

    When you need pest control services, it is evident that you will want a fast and efficient solution that is reliable. At Tom’s Pest Control, we understand trust is vital for our business success and do our best to maintain that integrity.

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    Termite Pest Control Chelsea

    If termites are eating away at your home, it’s time to schedule a professional termite inspection in Chelsea and throughout Melbourne. Termites are huge problems for Australian homes and business owners. If you suspect the presence of these wood-destroying insects on your property, call us immediately. Luckily, we offer termite inspection and treatment service on the same day of the appointment. We will get rid of termite insects eating away your property’s support beams.

    If your property has termite invasion, you may notice:

    • Damaged and crumbled woods
    • Holes in drywall
    • Mud tubes present in many places in your home
    • Droppings and wing piles that look like pepper and salt

    Commercial Pest Control Chelsea

    The existence of a pest population in any commercial set-up can affect its reputation or customer’s perception of the business. Be it a warehouse, hotel, food processing unit or retail shop; there is a pest infestation risk. Many people often visit these places, including employees, customers, clients, patients, etc. So, cleanliness and hygiene maintenance is necessary.

    Here, the experts of Tom’s Pest Control come to the scene because we believe that the deployment of a safe pest treatment service is more vital than merely removing the pests. Minor negligence may cost loss of employees, customers, clients and above all, business reputation.

    We understand it well and offer customised, industry-specific, and safe commercial pest control services. In addition, we strictly adhere to the rules and regulations related to the use of chemicals and apply them accordingly.

    Our pest treatment services target all nuisance pests, including ants, cockroaches, rats, bedbugs and mosquitoes. Thus, no matter your business type, we can eliminate all pest issues in and around your facility.

    Why Tom’s Pest Control?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we can ensure that we are more than merely a pest controller. We are comprehensive pest management professionals who are dedicated to providing quality service. We take all precautions to ensure your business and home environment is pest free.

    We have expertise in both residential and commercial pest treatment. Therefore, you can contact us to kill any pest like rodents, cockroaches, spiders, termites, mosquitoes, etc. In addition, we are known for our work ethics and service transparency, which includes working closely with customers to ensure extraordinary service. It results in a positive outcome.

    We are renowned for bringing an innovative approach to the pest control service industry. It helps us to cater to the unique requirements of our clients. In addition, we never forget to maintain high safety standards to ensure that all our team members and customers focus on maintaining a great relationship and staying healthy and safe.

    We offer:

    • Same-day inspection and emergency services
    • Friendly, reliable and punctual services
    • Pre-purchase termite inspection and anti-termite control treatment
    • 24/7 customer support.
    • Certified and trained team
    • An integrated pest management approach
    • Instant inspection and quotation.
    • Use of industry-specific customised treatment policy
    • Adherence to safety rules and regulations
    • 100 per cent guaranteed results

    Book Our Services

    If the sight of a pest at your place bothers you, call us for the required solution. We will work to solve your problem quickly and use a suitable method to make you achieve the desired outcome. Hence, seeking an expert pest treatment service without delay is wise to avoid irreparable damage and costly solutions. So, call us to discuss, get a quote, and book our service.

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