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Cockroaches are always considered a sign of poor hygiene and filth, though they can infest even clean and well-maintained areas.

Are you regularly seeing cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets or in the storage room and worried that it could affect the health of you and your family members? Are you searching for high-quality, safe Cockroach Pest Control services in Melbourne for your residential property or commercial space that has high sanitation requirements?

Tom’s Pest Control in Melbourne provides tailored Cockroach Pest Control for cockroaches and can help you look after the health of you and your family or workforce.

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    Why Is Timely Cockroach Extermination Important

    In addition to eating and contaminating food products, cockroaches carry various pathogens that can be a risk to your health. It’s a host to different types of bacteria, including staphylococcus, salmonella, and streptococcus along with poliovirus.

    Even the droppings of the cockroaches can carry microbes that may live for a few years in the droppings and pose a threat to you and your family. Cockroaches can transmit the following types of diseases and can sometimes risk the life of the affected individual as well:

    • Plague
    • Leprosy
    • Salmonellosis
    • Listeriosis
    • Campylobacteriosis
    • Typhoid fever
    • coli infections
    • Cholera
    • Dysentery
    • Asthma
    Thousands of homeowners and businesses in Melbourne seek pest control services for German cockroaches every year to safeguard themselves from diseases. German cockroaches are the most troublesome cockroach in the country while Australian cockroaches and American cockroaches are also known for posing health risks.

    Signs Of Cockroaches In The Property

    As long as you want to keep your property clean and healthy, you can’t just wait until you see cockroaches at your property. The following signs can help you to conclude the infestation at your property and require cockroach pest control:
    • Cockroach droppings
    • Cockroach egg capsules
    • Smear marks
    • Shed skin
    • Unusual odour
    As soon as you observe any of these signs, call Tom’s Pest Control for quick extermination services. It’s important to note that cockroaches lay 18-50 eggs and multiply quickly in large numbers.
    Cockroach Treatment Melbourne & Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne

    Cockroach Treatment Process

    We have a four-stage procedure for cockroach pest control in Melbourne. At Tom’s Pest Control, we use the latest techniques and advanced tools to ensure optimal cockroach treatment that can give you long-lasting results.

    Cockroach Treatment Inspection

    As soon as you contact us with a cockroach control request, our qualified pest control specialists will visit your property at your convenient hours and complete an inspection. They will identify the type of cockroach, the extent of the infestation, the damage to the property, the health and hygiene risks, and more.

    The pest control inspection will also help you to identify the factors that promote the cockroach infestation at your property.

    Cockroach Treatment Plan

    Based on the inspection, we will create a tailored treatment plan to remove the cockroaches in your property. The treatment plan will have the type of treatment, the duration of the treatment, the expected results, the instructions to the inhabitants, and more.

    Be it German cockroach treatment or Australian cockroach control, we know what type of treatment can provide the best results for each species.

    The Extermination

    Based on the treatment plan, we will complete the extermination procedure at your property. We use a number of treatment options, including cockroach baits, fumigation, and heat treatment, to eradicate cockroaches from your environment.

    We are experts in offering safe, targeted treatments that help our clients to have their place free of adult cockroaches, eggs, and nymphs.

    Ongoing Prevention

    Ongoing prevention is highly important in getting long-term cockroach extermination results. It’s especially important when it comes to German cockroach control as the species is known for its high reproductive rate.

    We will provide tips and tricks, specific to your environment, and help you achieve a healthy environment around you. Some of these general tips include the regular sanitation and cleaning of your spaces, eliminating moisture sources, regular inspection of hidden areas of your property, and more.

    Why Tom’s Pest Control?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we are committed to offering a pest control service that helps you to achieve a healthy environment for ensuring your wellbeing. You will find our services accurately meeting your requirements with the following characteristics:
    • Same/next day cockroach treatment service
    • Safe, family-friendly treatment procedures
    • Trained, certified, and experienced extermination specialists
    • Comprehensive prices, upfront quotes
    • Local pest control teams
    • Transparent, friendly service experience
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
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    How Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

    Pest control can help remove the entire cockroach population in your home. They undertake the installation of poisonous baits in your home that can quickly kill all cockroaches in a matter of few days. Baits attract cockroaches to feed on them. Once they eat them, they begin to die. Also, when the cockroaches that have fed on the bait excrete, they bring more cockroaches in contact with the poison, causing them all to die. Bait installation by pest control experts is a great way to remove cockroaches from your home permanently.

    How Much Is Pest Control For Cockroaches?

    In Melbourne, the cost of cockroach treatment services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. However, if you want to know the exact cost of the treatment, you may contact Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne. We will send our experts to inspect your property and suggest an appropriate treatment to remove cockroaches. Depending on the area to be covered, the expert will provide the quotation for the treatment. The quote we provide for treating your property will include the cost of killing the current cockroach population and making arrangements for preventing future attacks.

    Which Pest Control Is Best For Cockroaches?

    Many pest control treatments help in killing cockroaches hiding in the corners of your home. Get your property inspected by a pest control expert, and they will suggest a list of treatments that may work well for your property. You may be suggested to get the spray treatment or bait treatment done, depending on the severity of the issue. Both the treatments may work well in eradicating the cockroach infestation issue at your property. Also, pest control will suggest treatments that remove the cockroaches and prevent them from coming back again.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches In My Home?

    You can buy an insect-killing spray to remove cockroaches from your home. If there are particular areas in your kitchen or bathroom where you regularly spot cockroaches, you can spray these areas regularly. You may have to do this for a few days or a week, depending on how many cockroaches live on your property. Suppose you feel the infestation level is high. In that case, you may hire a pest control company to undertake the proper treatment to remove the entire population of cockroaches hiding in your home. With the proper treatment, you can expect the entire cockroach colonies to die in a few days in your home.

    Why Do Cockroaches Keep Coming Back?

    Cockroaches are among the most significant issues homeowners can encounter and are quite persistent. You may spray, set up bait stations, and do a complete cleaning, but the roaches will still return. Roaches are living things that, like all other living things, require water to survive.  

    Because of the wetness, cockroaches frequently hide in moist areas such as your kitchen or bathroom. It is about any water, not simply enormous volumes of visible water.  

    You must remove all water sources to create an unfavourable habitat for cockroaches. It entails checking for any leaky pipes. If you want to know what is causing you cockroach infestation, there re solutions available at Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne. 

    Do Cockroaches Cause Allergies?

    Cockroach saliva, excrement, and shedding body parts can cause asthma and allergies. When these allergens are thrown up in the air, they function like dust mites, exacerbating symptoms. According to the study, cockroach allergens are present in 63% of Australian homes. 

    This percentage increases to between 78% and 98% of dwellings in metropolitan regions. You can find out if you have cockroach allergies by consulting an allergist. Typical signs of cockroach allergies include: 

    • Coughing 
    • nasal clogging 
    • a skin rash 
    • Wheezing 
    • Infected ears 
    • nasal infection 

    Cockroach allergens frequently cause persistent symptoms that last longer than ordinary seasonal allergies. Consult a dermatologist who can do a skin test if you think you may be allergic to cockroaches.  

    This test is dabbing a diluted allergen on your skin’s surface, waiting 15 minutes, and then checking to see if a reaction develops, such as a raised, red, and itchy bump. Else, contact us for a permanent cockroach infestation solution.  

    How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of A German Cockroach Infestation?

    A German cockroach infestation’s size will determine how long it takes to eradicate it. For example, German cockroaches are typically eliminated in two weeks. However, a more severe infestation might take up to eight weeks.  

    The size of the German cockroach is between one-half and five-eighths of an inch. It is a petite, flat cockroach species. With two dark lines beginning at the back of their heads, they are generally tan or brown in colour. Though they have wings, they cannot fly. 

    German cockroaches breed quickly, making it challenging to get rid of them without expert assistance. Companies specialising in cockroach control employ exterminators with the necessary skills, tools, and strategies for treating your roach infestation. You will also save time and money by hiring an exterminator at Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne if your infestation is extensive

    How Can I Tell If I Have A Cockroach Infestation In My Home?

    It might be challenging to tell whether you have a cockroach infestation since they are so good at hiding. Unaware of hundreds more hiding in plain sight, you might only notice one cockroach. However, you must act quickly to stop the infestation from worsening if you spot any of the warning signs listed below.  

    • Cracks next to shadowy hiding areas with tiny black flecks or cockroach poop 
    • Fecal debris that appears anywhere as black patches or streaks 
    • Abandoned skins 
    • Live or dead cockroaches emit an odor 

    Where cockroaches often reside, such as in bathrooms, kitchens, or other humid locations, pay special attention to looking for symptoms of an infestation.  

    You should look for concealed leaks or moisture problems if oriental cockroaches are discovered on a higher floor. Use a flashlight and an extending mirror to aid your search for cockroaches in the dark, confined spaces where they like to conceal themselves. 

    How Many Types Of Cockroaches Can Be Found In Australia?

    Australia is home to around 450 native cockroaches, a small percentage of the world’s 4,000+ cockroach species. Australia’s most prevalent household cockroaches are just six different species, so don’t be too frightened by this statistic. 

    Australian cockroaches come In six main types, including: – 

    • German cockroach 
    • Oriental cockroach 
    • Australian cockroach
    • Brown Banded Cockroach  
    • Smoky Brown Cockroach 

    In various places, including houses, ships, food production and storage facilities, some kinds of cockroaches have cohabited with people. These common house cockroaches are Australia’s most prevalent home pests and were introduced there during the past 200 years. 

    Contact us or make an appointment for a cockroach removal treatment right away to learn more about avoiding cockroaches or completely eradicating them from your house. 

    How Do I Prevent Cockroaches From Entering My Home?

    Use garbage containers that are firmly covered, and always put them outdoors. Always clean the stoves, tables, drawers, cabinets, and other surfaces. Never store unsold or unused clothing or furnishings in your house. Avoid leaving cooking items in the sink all night. 

    Food materials should always be kept in sealed containers since cockroaches are attracted to food left out in the open. Also, keep your home’s shelves, drawers, and cabinets painted and clean since dirty areas and cabinets are where bugs and cockroaches like to congregate. 

    Drains in bathroom and kitchen sinks should always be cleaned and adequately covered. Before wiping the floor, always add phenol to the water to help ward off insects, including cockroaches, mosquitoes, and houseflies.  

    How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of German Roaches?

    German cockroaches are a significant issue in Sydney and the Inner West because they reproduce quickly and may spread like a plague. One German cockroach female may produce up to 100,000 eggs annually, as they like warm, humid environments. 

    The cost of cockroach eradication is determined by several factors, including the area treated, the type of treatment used, and the degree of your infestation. For example, treatments for Sydney’s German cockroaches and other pests start at $130 for the initial treatment. A required top-up treatment given three to four weeks later costs $100.  

    A primary treatment strategy is required to get rid of a few roaches. However, if your home is infested with cockroaches, a more thorough treatment plan will be necessary, costing you a little more money.  

    Are There American Cockroaches In Australia?

    The German, Australian, and American are the three primary species of cockroaches that are often found in houses and businesses in Australia. 

    The American cockroach is one of the biggest nuisance insects to infest houses and other buildings. The American cockroach, commonly referred to as the “Palmetto bug” since it inhabits trees, favors dark, damp, and undisturbed environments.  

    They can be found in subfloors, basements, kitchens, roof voids, and bathrooms of houses. American cockroaches look like 35 to 40 mm long red-brown hue that sparkles. Males’ wings are longer than their bodies, while female wings barely touch their abdomen—runs (may fly at very high temperatures).  

    What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of German Roaches?

    Placing an insect growth regulator (IGR) like Tekko Trio Foam out to halt roach reproduction and a high-quality roach bait like Invict Gold to kill adult German roaches is one of the best methods to get rid of them. 

    German Roach Spray Kit should be used by individuals who prefer to spray. It mixes Tekko Pro IGR and Alpine WSG pesticide, an insecticide that is not repellent (Insect Growth Regulator). After misting this liquid mixture into cracks and crevices, use the Shockwave aerosol to remove any roaches that may have been hiding on the previously treated surface. 

    As a long-term solution, we recommend utilising Avert Flowable bait. It keeps going for a very long time. It serves as both bait and a tracking powder for roaches. The roaches that consume this powdered roach bait do so as the bride and groom. Only cracks, crevices, and beneath appliances will find the bait. Gel baits may be used since they can be positioned on flat surfaces. 

    What Temperature Kills German Cockroaches?

    German cockroaches subjected to temperatures below 45 degrees perish after 10 hours. If exposed to a temperature below 14 degrees Fahrenheit, they will also pass away within an hour. They are also unable to withstand extreme temperatures.  

    When exposed for two weeks at a temperature of 50 degrees, just half of the cockroaches survived. Cockroaches can’t control the temperature within their bodies since they are cold-blooded creatures. As a result, they perish when exposed to temperatures they don’t like.  

    In conclusion, various cockroach species have varying rates of survival. They can survive if they can locate an environment with the correct temperature. And if the environment becomes too hot or cold, they will perish. These insects will perish whether you heat them or freeze them. Call Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne if you have a severe cockroach infestation in your house or place of business.

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