Cockroach Facts & Identification - Protecting Your Health and Property

It is common knowledge that cockroaches are some of the most widespread and annoying pests in residential and commercial properties. These creatures come in many different varieties, with sizes ranging from a few millimetres to several centimetres long.

They may occur in various shapes, colours, and types; however, the most well-known species tend to be oval shaped and brown or black in hue. It is important to note that each type of cockroach has its own unique characteristics that make it distinguishable from other kinds. For example, some possess claws that allow them to climb vertical surfaces while others may thrive in wet environments as opposed to dry ones.

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Cockroach Species In Melbourne

Six types of cockroaches are commonly found in Australian households, including:

german cockroaches

German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches can be found in most Australian households as they are one of the more common breeds. These small creatures, typically found in kitchen areas, often enter homes through windows, pipes, drains and small openings in walls in search of warmth and food.

It is important to take appropriate measures to prevent these pests from entering and remaining inside your home as they can carry diseases, cause property damage and contaminate food.

Australian cockroach

Australian Cockroaches

The Australian Cockroaches are large and have a deep dark brown colour. They have yellow markings on their pronotum and forewings. This species prefers to eat plants, and this is why they are spotted in greenhouses and under bark and leaves in gardens. When they enter homes, they live on subfloors, walls or roof voids.


American Cockroaches

American Cockroaches are the largest type found in various properties. Reddish-brown in colour, this species has a pale-yellow border around the pronotum. They prefer warm, moist and dark conditions and are found primarily on drains, walls, roofs and subfloor voids. This species feeds on decaying matter, human food, clothing and paper.


Smokey Brown Cockroaches

Smokey and brownish, these cockroaches are found in warm regions. They can fly, which they use to find food and a mate. Though these cockroaches are categorised as an outdoor species, they may still enter homes and create a nuisance.


Oriental Cockroaches

This species is medium in size and shiny black or dark red brown in colour. Found in cool and moist conditions, these cockroaches settle on damp subfloors and drainage systems. Oriental cockroaches can survive in difficult situations as they eat almost anything.


Brown Banded Cockroaches

These are small cockroaches with light brown bands on their darker brown bodies. Found primarily on kitchen cabinets and bathrooms, these creatures are difficult to spot. Adult male, brown-banded cockroaches can fly. However, the females have underdeveloped wings.

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