What Is Smoky Brown Cockroaches?

The smoky brown cockroach is mainly found outdoors around wooded areas. This species is sensitive to environmental changes and prefers to stay in high-humidity areas. As a result, they are a problem for residential properties in warmer climates.

Apart from their natural habitats, these cockroaches are found in garbage and sewers, making them potential disease carriers. Therefore, these unpleasant pests, if found around your home, must not be taken lightly.

Adult German Cockroaches

Baby German Cockroaches Around Egg Case

Juvenile German Cockroaches

How Smoky Brown Cockroaches Enter Your Home?

It is common to find smoky brown cockroaches in basements and homes on the ground floor level. Things that attract these roaches to your home are leaky roofs, stagnant water, wood stacks, uncovered trash, and sewer openings. These creatures can crawl indoors through small holes in your property’s foundation or ventilation areas and fly inside from open windows or doors.

The smoky brown cockroach gets its name from its dark, glossy brown colour. These pests have a uniformly brown colour front to back, and their size and shape resemble American cockroaches. However, this species lacks the yellow accents that the American roaches have.

Smoky brown cockroaches measure about 1¼ to 1½ inches in length. Both sexes have long wings that they fly to search for food or mate. In addition, these roaches have antennae that are as long as their entire body or sometimes even longer.

The female smoky brown cockroach carries its egg capsule for a day before placing it in a hidden, moist area to hatch. Every egg case can produce about 30 baby cockroaches or nymphs. Since a single female roach can lay dozens of egg cases, even a few adult cockroaches in your home can create a large infestation in a short period.

The nymphs of this species are much darker in colour than the adults and have two stripes of white. When these cockroaches hatch, they take about 320 days to reach adulthood.

Dangers to Humans

Though these cockroaches like to stay outdoors, they can enter your home accidentally and create problems. You may find them in disgusting places like piles of dead leaves, wet mulch, and sewers.

Since these critters are opportunistic feeders, you will likely spot them in rain gutters or roof feeding on bird droppings. If they enter your home, they may bring along harmful bacteria and contaminate your cooking and eating surfaces while searching for food. These cockroaches can also worsen some people’s asthma.

How Can We Help?

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Can Smoky Brown Cockroaches Fly?

Smoky brown cockroaches have long wings that they use to fly to find food and get into their habitats, like tree holes and roof shingles. These roaches also use their wings to fly away from humans. Since they’re attracted to a light source, you will see them flying towards the ceiling lights and lamps in your home.

Do Smoky Brown Cockroaches Smell?

Smoky brown cockroaches don’t have any odour. However, their nymphs moult as they grow, and their old skins may smell and trigger allergies in some people. Moreover, these cockroaches sit on dead leaves, drains, sewers, and other unpleasant places that may make them carry foul odours.

How Can I Control Smoky Brown Cockroaches Naturally?

Smoky brown cockroaches are more sensitive to the environment than other species. These creatures like to live in warm, humid conditions, and if the air is too dry, they may feel dehydrated.

To effectively remove these critters from your property, you must reduce humidity, improve ventilation, and store food sources away. It would help if you decluttered storage areas and lowered humidity, primarily to discourage them from breeding there. If the infestation level is too high, you will have to rely on a pest control professional to remove them.