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Tom’s Pest Control offers a range of pest control services and treatments that can help keep your home and offices clean and hygienic. Our team of APCA and TAFE-Certified Technicians are great at removing all kinds of pests from residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Other Services

Apart from providing pest control services, we offer property inspection services to our customers as well so they can get the condition of a property checked by the experts before making a decision. Since buying any type of property is an important decision, it is always recommended to have the experts check for structural issues, minor or major defects, significant pest infestation issues, etc. Knowing the exact condition of a property puts you in a better condition to negotiate for a lower price.

Our inspection team includes qualified pre-purchase inspectors, structural engineers, pest specialists, plumbers, and other experts who provide you with accurate information regarding your property. Every inch of the property is examined carefully for your peace of mind.

We provide two types of inspection services:

Building Only Inspection

Our building inspectors examine the exteriors and interiors of the property to document every damage. By checking the condition of the flooring, roof, garage, stairs, decks, basement, etc.,our inspectors provide a detailed report on the findings. Structural issues of the building like cracks on the walls, broken roof tiles, and more are also detected.

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Building and Pest Inspection

In addition to evaluating the property’s condition for any damage, we can also check for pest infestation issues.If a property has been attacked by termites, wood borers, fleas or other pests, we can let you know regarding the same. Getting to know about the existence of pests in a property is important as such things can bring down its value drastically.

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