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Pests can be a major nuisance and even a health hazard. Dealing with a pest infestation? Act promptly to avoid further damage. That’s where Tom’s Pest Control comes in. We are a reliable and affordable pest control company in Croydon. We offer a wide range of services to get rid of all types of pests, including:

  • Rats 
  • Mice 
  • Roaches 
  • Bed bugs 
  • Termites 
  • Wasps 
  • Bees 
  • Fleas 
  • Ticks 
  • And more.

Our highly skilled and experienced pest exterminators use safe and effective Croydon pest control methods to eliminate pests from your property. We provide free quotes for pest control services, ensuring you receive a fair price for our offerings. 

    Effective Termite Control Solutions for Croydon Property Owners

    When it comes to protecting your property from the destructive impact of termites, effective pest control solutions are paramount. Safeguard your valuable assets today with our professional and comprehensive termite control services in Croydon.  

    Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to tackle termite infestations efficiently by employing proven methods and innovative techniques. With our tailored approach, we strive to eliminate termites and prevent future infestations, ensuring the long-term integrity of your property. 

    With us, you will get customised termite treatment plans that effectively eradicate pests while working closely with you. We provide reliable treatment and prevention programs, taking a personal approach to inspect, identify, treat, and prevent termites.  

    Regular inspections are recommended to maintain the condition of your property. Our safe and environmentally friendly treatments ensure you can stay at home or the office without disruption. Rest assured; our effective pest control solutions safeguard your property’s value within budget. 


    Pest Control Treatments and Services for Croydon locals

    Protect your Croydon home from pests that can damage its structure and compromise hygiene. Our comprehensive pest control services target various pests, ensuring a clean and healthy living environment. 

    Our pest services include:

    Commercial Pest Control for Croydon Businesses - Experience the Difference


    Pests can cause a significant amount of damage to businesses, both in terms of property and reputation. They can also spread diseases, leading to employee illness and customer complaints. For these reasons, Croydon companies need to have a commercial pest control program in place.  At Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne, we help you identify and control pests that can damage property and spread diseases. 


    Commercial Pest Control Services

    Our commercial pest control services offer solutions to various pest-related issues, ensuring a pest-free environment.  Following are the commercial properties we are dedicated to providing pest control services:

    • Restaurants
    • Grocery stores
    • Hotels
    • Office buildings
    • Schools
    • Warehouses
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Retail stores
    • Healthcare facilities

    From wasps, termites, and rodents to bugs, we help Croydon property owners to remove pest infestation as per their requirements.

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    Croydon Pest Inspection Services

    Purchasing any property is an important decision. Before you lock the deal, it is essential to evaluate the condition of the property to avoid burdening yourself with unwanted expenditures later. 

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer pest inspection services for properties you are considering purchasing. Knowing the exact condition of the property you are considering buying puts you in a better position to negotiate. When you avail of our inspection services, you can expect a team of qualified inspectors to visit your property. 

    We have a team of structure engineers, pest specialists, plumbers, and more, who inspect your property to check for structural issues, cover-up issues, issues with the roof, significant pest issues, etc. 

    Our team will prepare a report on the condition of the property you are considering purchasing, giving you a clear idea of how much investment you will have to make to repair the property. 

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    To discuss pest issues at your Croydon homes or business, call us on (03) 9034 5957. We will help you resolve all your pest-related issues by providing satisfactory pest-control solutions.  

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