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Are you tired of dealing with annoying pests? Look no further, because we are here to provide you with high-quality pest removal services in Dandenong and other major suburbs of Melbourne.

We understand the common and concerning issue of pest infestations. Many people attempt to tackle it themselves using off-the-shelf solutions, only to find temporary relief. But why settle for temporary when you can have a permanent solution?

As leading pest removal technicians, we take pride in delivering state-of-the-art services that swiftly and cost-effectively eliminate pests. Our team stays updated with the latest techniques and chemicals through regular training programs, ensuring the use of the safest and most effective methods tailored to your unique situation.

Say no to DIY hacks that can lead to more harm than good. These solutions may also pose risks to your health if you’re exposed for too long. Instead, reach out to us for comprehensive pest control services in Dandenong that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

    Quality Service Is Our Primary Objective

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we know the challenges that every pest control requirement brings with it, but regular property inspection is necessary for quality living. So every Australian property got to seek a professional pest inspection once or twice a year to ensure the safety of their environment and people.
    However, choosing a trustworthy pest controller can be overwhelming, and the industry is full of pest control service providers. Everyone claims to offer the best quality service. Therefore, you can trust Tom’s Pest Control to solve your pest issue. We have a rich history of success. It has helped us form a large client base. You can check for the benefits that we guarantee to offer. It will create the most positive experience possible for you.
    We will get the following by hiring us:

    • Smooth, on-time pest treatment

    • Service of the licensed and skilled experts

    • Instant transparent quote

    • Service appointment based on your convenience

    • Payment convenience

    • Experienced and trustworthy team

    • Same-day pest solution for most cases

    • Successful results

    Termite Pest Control Dandenong

    Melbourne summer’s hot and humid climate provides a favourable ground for termite pests to attack your property. However, you can’t think of ignoring termites’ presence at your home or office because the damage they can cause is beyond your imagination. So, it’s best to seek our specialist termite inspection and treatment service.

    Tom’s Pest Control has expertise in the termite field by saving many Melbourne properties from these silent destroyers. In addition, we are a local team and have full knowledge of the climatic conditions of your place that can increase the risk of termite attack. So, we recommend periodic inspections of termites to minimise the risk and ensure the complete safety of your property.

    However, if your property is already termite infested, don’t worry; we have a solution for this also. We will inspect, decide on the best solution and implement it to destroy the insect family from the root. In addition, we will share some ongoing tips to protect your property from infestation risk.

    What Type Of Services Do We Offer?

    It’s a well-known fact that Melbourne experiences unpredictable seasons. So, it’s difficult to predict which pest will be more active at what time, and it makes the pest treatment tough. However, being local is our added advantage. It allows us to treat any pest challenges across Melbourne because we use our knowledge of local climate and other circumstances while dealing with them. Therefore, you can count on us for:
    If you can’t find a specific pest removal service that you actually want, you can call us directly. We will customise a solution for you.

    Warm Weather Pests Dandenong

    Our knowledge and experience of the local climatic conditions make us capable of providing information about the pest type that can invade your property in the warmer weather of Melbourne. You can use this knowledge to safeguard your property.


    Ants are attracted to the warmer seasons of Melbourne. Generally, they are not considered to be harmful, but they can find shelter in your home and office. The favourable climate allows them to multiply fast to cause a nuisance. In addition, they carry germs posing a threat to your health. So, you can’t leave the ant population untreated for long. You can trust us with the responsibility of removing ants from your property. We will use non-hazardous techniques and products to destroy their colonies.


    Cockroaches prefer a hot and humid climate to remain at their best. It encourages their activity level. As a result, they increase their population quickly and are tough to remove permanently from the property they attack. But Tom’s Pest Control has got a solution for all issues. So, you can connect with us for fast cockroach eradication. In addition, we ensure to use the safest techniques that comply with Australian standards and guarantee a quality service.

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    Cold Weather Pests Dandenong

    The pests that prefer a cooler climate to remain more active are:


    Rats like cooler weather conditions to become active. The warmth and security of your rooftops make them feel comfortable during the cold nights of Melbourne. They are primarily found in the leafy suburbs. Their infestation means damage and disease. So, it’s essential to remove them as soon as possible. You can contact us if you want hassle-free rat removal from your home or office.


    The cooler weather provides a suitable ground for mice to invade your house and take shelter. As a result, they increase their population, and you can find them in your kitchen, office space, pantry, garden and all corners of your house. It’s tough to catch them because of their swiftness. However, you can seek our specialist mice removal service. We use different techniques to remove them entirely from your place.

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