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Do you see an increasing number of fleas around your property these days and are searching for advanced flea treatment solutions for the home? Are you concerned that the fleas may endanger the health of your pets and want advanced flea infestation treatment?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have several years of expertise and experienced specialists to offer the most effective flea pest control in Melbourne. We make a difference with our commitment to ensuring a hygienic, healthy environment for the homeowners and businesses of Melbourne.

We provide tailored flea treatment services for our customers based on the flea type, the level of infestation, and other factors.

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    Why Is Flea Treatment Necessary?

    Fleas are small, wingless parasites that don’t fly nor bite humans in most cases. Though they don’t directly create any serious health issues to humans, you should still control the population of fleas in your surroundings, because:
    • These parasites feed the blood of your pets to survive, and their effects can range from minor irritation to deadly conditions for the pets.
    • The increased number of fleas in an environment can create irritation to humans though there is hardly any possibility for serious health issues.
    • In addition to the direct effects, these parasites may carry tapeworm larvae and give it to your pets, leading to a tapeworm infestation.
    • Studies show that fleas may become carriers of bacteria that can create “cat scratch fever” in humans.
    • In rare cases, fleas may bite humans, and people may experience swelling in their face, mouth, and hands. If you have been bitten by a flea, seek medical treatment immediately.
    Research shows that fleas live in areas with moderate temperature and high humidity. As a resident of Melbourne, you have higher exposure and risks to fleas compared to the inland areas, such as Alice Springs.

    Major Flea Species

    Do you know the major flea species you can encounter in Melbourne? Before selecting a pest control service, this information can be handy for you to communicate your requirements with the flea pest control company.

    The most visible flea species in Melbourne are:

    • Cat flea – The most common flea species in Australia that attacks rats, dogs, and other mammals, but rarely humans. The flea has a reddish-brown colour, 1-2mm long, and its principal host is domestic cats.
    • Dog flea – Dog fleas have an almost similar appearance to cat fleas but are less common compared to the latter. They attack a wide variety of mammals, particularly domestic dogs and cats.
    • Human flea – They are uncommon compared to dog fleas and cat fleas due to the increased home hygienic standards in recent decades. They usually attack pigs, dogs, rats, mice, domestic cats, several other mammals, and birds.
    If you see that your pet is constantly scratching any part of the body, you should check for any flea bites and begin remedial action.
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    The Tom’s Pest Control Procedure

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer a complete flea control service – a four-step procedure. We know how much you value the health and wellbeing of your family members and pets, and we reciprocate the same feelings through our services.


    As soon as you contact us with a flea control request, we will start with our flea treatment for your home or workplace to make your environment healthy and clean. Our qualified flea control technicians will visit your property according to your convenience.

    During the inspection, our technicians will identify the flea species, check for bites on your pets, record the characteristics and invasion patterns of the fleas, and more.

    Treatment Plan

    Based on the inspection, we will create a custom flea infestation treatment plan for controlling the pests in your environment. The plan will include the treatment procedure, the instructions to the inhabitants, the timeline of completion, the expected results, and more.

    We will communicate all the information to you before starting with the treatment and answer to all your queries related to it.

    The Procedure

    Based on the flea type and the extent of the infestation, we choose professional treatment services to remove the pest. The safe treatment involves vacuuming your property, application of flea bombs and foggers, and more. We also use the heat treatment process to kill the fleas in your environment.

    When it comes to chemical treatment, we use insecticides that are safe for you and your pets and are approved by veterinarians. Our treatment process is comprehensive that involves the removal of adult fleas, eggs, larvae, and pupae.

    Ongoing Prevention

    The treatment doesn’t give you guaranteed results for long if you don’t use ongoing prevention strategies. While regular cleaning and mopping of your space can limit the growth of fleas to a large extent, we will make your tips and measures specific to your environment after the flea infestation treatment.

    Why Tom’s Pest Control?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we make a difference with our service standards, and you will find our services greatly matching your requirements with the following characteristics:
    • Same/next day service
    • Trained, certified, and highly-experienced pest control specialists
    • Safe, family-friendly pest control procedures
    • Comprehensive prices and upfront quotes
    • Local pest control teams
    • Friendly, transparent service experience
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
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    What is a flea infestation's initial indication?

    Fleas jumping on your drapes, carpet, or furniture are signs of a flea infestation. There are several dot-like insects in your pet’s fur. In addition, your dog’s excessively scratch, lick, or bite their fur. A flea infestation can also be indicated by a lot of brown and black detritus throughout the fur coat. (This is the flea faeces left behind from a blood feast.)

    Infested areas can cause scabs and hair loss in your dogs. In addition, they may acquire pale gums due to blood loss. Flea-infested animals are also more vulnerable to tapeworms, as certain tapeworm species employ fleas as hosts. Therefore, if you find tapeworms in your pet’s faeces, they are infested with fleas.

    Fighting a flea infestation might feel overwhelming, but several solutions are at your disposal. An essential thing to remember is to treat your house, yard, and pet all at once, or contact us for an expert flea pest control service provider.

    Do flea bites harm you?

    Flea bites are an uncomfortable, irritating condition for you and your pets. But they are usually harmless in the end. However, it would be best if you did not scratch your flea bites. Many over the counter or home cures can help you get rid of your itch.

    If your bite symptoms linger for more than a few days, or if you develop an allergic response or other symptoms, contact your healthcare professional. You and your pets both suffer from the itching, irritating condition of flea bites.

    Through their bites, fleas can transmit illness. Fleas are vectors, living creatures that spread illness from animals to people. Blood is a common way that vectors spread diseases. Bloodsuckers make up a substantial portion of the species categorised as vectors.

    How did I get infested with fleas?

    On humans, fleas do not survive. Instead, they often leap from an infected pet or other animals, from an infected pet bed, and bite down at the feet, ankles, and legs. Fleas may survive on rodents, animals, and other mammals and birds. Fleas come in 2,500 distinct varieties worldwide.

    Some animals’ hair or feathers are what attract fleas to them. They may bury themselves inside their fluffy bodies to both hide and feed. After that, they deposit eggs that hatch after the larval and pupal stages. Your pet may have a flea infection due to this cycle, which may require treatment.

    The flea seldom spreads from one body to another. However, an animal or person is more prone to fleas from places where animals congregate and sleep. For example, bringing a pet bed with fleas into a new house might transmit the infestation to other areas.

    How long does a flea treatment take?

    There are several types of dog flea control solutions, including topicals, flea collars, pills, and sprays. Unfortunately, those all function differently due to the diverse, active substances they each utilise to fight fleas. In addition, depending on the treatment used, assorted products require different amounts of time to kill fleas.

    Within 12 to 48 hours, topical flea preventions have been demonstrated to eliminate dogs’ existing flea loads. Oral flea preventions frequently start working within the first two to four hours. Regular skin examinations of your pet to check for ticks are advised, especially in regions where parasite populations are prevalent.

    Do not become worried if you see fleas on your pet. These common pests may be effectively eliminated with the correct treatment, frequently in hours. Thankfully, both topical and oral flea preventions work quickly to eradicate infestations.

    What is the cost of flea pest control?

    For the initial appointment, a flea pest control exterminator typically charges you between $100 and $200. Expect your costs to be greater if you have several locations that need to be treated, a large property, or you reside in a region with an inflated cost of living.

    You might choose to have the exterminator return for a second follow-up visit because one visit might not be sufficient. A professional exterminator can help you get rid of fleas for a lot longer than you could with good DIY treatment.

    They can be incredibly helpful in maintaining a healthy and flea-free environment for you and your family for a while. For more details, you can contact Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne experts.

    What keeps the fleas away?

    You may make a flea trap using dish soap and water at home. Fill a plate or basin with a mixture of warm water and dish soap and set it in the rooms of your home where fleas are most active.

    Additionally, it is advised to use an herbal flea spray to eradicate fleas from your house. This all-natural flea treatment is safe to use around dogs, kids, and other household items because it is manufactured from non-toxic ingredients.

    You should contact our local flea control professional team if you believe you have a flea problem on your land or in your house and want to learn how to get rid of fleas.

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