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At Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne, we can help contain pest infestations through our comprehensive fumigation services. Are you struggling with a pest infestation in your home or commercial property?

What is Fumigation? Fumigation is one of the most effective methods of pest control. By releasing gaseous pesticides into a certain area, all pests will be eradicated– leaving you with a clean, insect-free environment for you to enjoy.

When you need fast, reliable fumigation services in Melbourne from a team of professionals, choose us at Tom’s Pest Control.

Fumigation Cost Melbourne

In Melbourne, the cost of fumigation pest control treatment services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. However, this is not a fixed cost as your house’s size will be taken into consideration. The price of whole house fumigation will be dependent on a variety of factors.

Fumigation Services

At Tom’s Pest Control, our fumigation services consist of various steps that we complete in detail. Our goal is to ensure we eradicate your space of all pests so that you feel fully comfortable within your environment. Our Melbourne fumigation services rely on three primary stages:
  • Fumigation Service

    Once everything has been prepared, we’ll commence with the fumigation services. Gas is released into the impacted area to rid the space of all pests. The area is then contained to ensure the fumigation gas reaches all infected zones.

    The length of time in which the area is contained depends on how extensive the pest issue is. In extreme cases, fumigation process may take a couple of days – during which no person may enter the vicinity.

  • Preparation

    In this first step, our team protects your belongings from the fumigation process. Possessions such as furniture, food or other valuable items must be covered with a tarp to ensure they stay shielded from the fumigation.

  • Restoration

    Once we’re confident that all pests have been eradicated from the property, we’ll start to restore the area to the way it was. The property will be ventilated to ensure all gas has been released and all your belongings can be placed back into their positions. Once our experts fumigation are satisfied with the air quality, you’ll be allowed back into space.

Commercial Fogging Sanitisation & Disinfection

Are you looking for an effective way of disinfecting, sterilising, or deodorising your office-space? At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer commercial fogging services disinfection to rid your facility of any unwanted pests or bacteria, and instead, provide it with a thorough clean and complete sanitisation.

Commercial fogging for disinfection purposes is a popular choice as gas is used to rid the space of any contamination completely. Maintain a healthy indoor environment by utilising commercial fogging for sanitisation and reduce the risks of bacteria transferring from person to person.

At Tom’s Pest Control, our disinfection commercial fogging services utilise high-quality disinfectants, which we spray throughout the room in a fog. We ensure that these chemicals are not hazardous to your workers, and instead, creates a safe, cleaner environment for all employees.

Commercial Fumigation

Over time, commercial spaces such as stores and offices may deteriorate or become dirtier – when this happens, it creates the perfect opportunity for nasty pests to infest the space.

To rectify this issue, choose professional Melbourne commercial fumigation services from the team at Tom’s Pest Control. We have years of experience eradicating unwanted pests from various properties and creating a healthier, more hygienic environment for your workforce.

Whether you’re struggling with an infestation of ants, mites or even larger animals like birds, our experts at fumigation Pest Control will perform our all-inclusive commercial fumigation process for guaranteed results. For more information on commercial fumigation Melbourne, contact our team today.

Industrial Fumigation

A pest infestation can be a distressing challenge for a range of industries. Not only can it affect day-to-day operations and results, but it can also put employees at risk.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer fumigation in Melbourne for all industrial practices. Whether you’re utilising a warehouse or a larger facility, pest infestation can become a costly matter.

Therefore, you must choose the best company for your industrial fumigation needs. At Tom’s Pest Control, we go above and beyond with our fumigation services until you’re fully satisfied with the result. Take back control of your workspace when you team up with us at Tom’s Pest Control for all your fumigation and fogging industrial needs.

Fumigation FAQs

Everyone at Melbourne pest control is deeply committed to making a healthy, clean environment around our customers with our services. The main highlights of our services are the following:

What is fogging disinfection?

Disinfectant fogging refers to releasing fog into a room that contains fine droplets of disinfectant. It’s a comprehensive way of cleaning surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to reach and completely eradicating the area of any bacteria or dirt. In industrial spaces, fogging may be used to prevent contamination (especially in food-related spaces) and encourage cleaner, healthier practices. Fogging disinfection can also be utilised for personal spaces like your home. We’ll ensure that the process is completed effectively and that all fog is ventilated before you start to use your space again. For increased sanitisation, choose our team at Tom’s Pest Control for your fogging disinfection needs.

How much does house fumigation cost in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, the cost of fumigation pest control treatment services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. The price of whole house fumigation will be dependent on a variety of factors.

Additionally, other components may be considered, such as what kind of pest needs eradicating and how complex the infestation has become. At Tom’s Pest Control, we aim to keep our prices at an affordable rate so that you have better access to the best pest control service in your area. To discuss pricing in more detail, contact our team today.

Which gas is used for fumigation?

In Australia, the most common chemical used for fumigation is phosphine gas. It’s important for homes and commercial properties that the phosphine be contained within the space long enough for it to eradicate pest infestation fully. Phosphine is highly toxic and reactive, and therefore, the area needs to be completely ventilated after the fumigation process to ensure it is safe for people to inhabit. Therefore, you must choose a team of professionals for the job. At Tom’s Pest Control, we’re experts in fumigation and will air out all chemicals correctly to ensure your area is protected and properly maintained.

Will fumigation kill roaches?

Cockroaches usually hide in dark corners and cracks we can’t necessarily see. However, when one cockroach is spotted, this generally means there are more lurking in the area. Fumigation is a comprehensive method for eradicating roaches from any given area as the gas released in fumigation reaches places we wouldn’t normally be able to reach. It’s important to act fast when tackling cockroach infestation, as prolonging the process may result in long-term consequences. At Tom’s Pest Control, our team is trained and certified in tackling your cockroach problems with comprehensive fumigation services.

Does fumigation kill mould?

Fumigation and fogging can tackle mould particles and eradicate any lingering smells attached to their build-up. However, fumigation isn’t normally utilised as a mould reduction solution as it doesn’t completely remove it. Therefore, it’s important to utilise fumigation or to fog in addition to other mould eradication services. At Tom’s Pest Control, we’ll help you find the best solution for mould removal.

Will fumigation kill spiders?

Yes. Fumigation will eradicate a wide range of pests and unwanted critters – including spiders. Finding spiders around the house or workplace can be worrisome, and if not dealt with properly, could lead to a range of other problems down the track. At Tom’s Pest Control, our fumigation services will protect your home from spider infestation and will keep your environment safe and looking clean. For more information on our spider fumigation services, contact us today.

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