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Did you know that bird-related activities could be the cause behind more than 55 diseases that can evolve into respiratory issues and severe allergic reactions? It’s true! These facts are often ignored or omitted in our hectic lives, but their threat is real. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that you frequently receive bird pest control treatments for your business premises.

Birds are among the least-loved living creatures in the world, esp ecially by some car owners. Still, jokes apart, it is crucial to take care of their intrusions at the earliest time possible. Otherwise, birds can bring harm to your health, business and even your lifestyle. So, it becomes essential to obtain bird prevention measures to protect everything you value.

Do Bird Activities Near You Indeed Cause You Harm?

Any reliable pest control company providing bird removal service within your vicinity can offer professional advice about how birds could affect your property. However, for your convenience, you can read all about them below. The following are some obvious ways through which bird intrusions could cause damage to your property and create danger.

Hygiene & Contamination

Bird droppings may contain viruses, bacteria and fungi as well being parasites. The ingestion of bird droppings could cause serious health problems. Similarly, it won’t be a mistake to consider them carriers of causing critical health issues like flu, E-coli, encephalitis, salmonella poisoning, etc.

Property Loss

Ceilings, plumbing and furniture are all susceptible to damage from birds’ droppings, pecking, and nest-building activities. The surfaces often affected by bird droppings, like wood, paint, and metals, may eventually degrade or corrode. Such materials become less durable over time and more susceptible to mould, which can result in requiring expensive repairs.

Safety Hazards

The floor’s slippery surface outside or near your premises majorly results from feathers and bird droppings. Slippage by such agents can also lead to fatal injuries and paralysis when tripped on or walked across. In the worst-case scenario, noises from birds can further distract you or trigger mental health issues.

How Do Bird Prevention Services Combat Losses for Businesses?

Experts in the field say that having solutions for merely controlling birds at higher elevations isn’t enough to safeguard businesses. Based on their experience in offering various bird prevention measures, these commercial areas might benefit from obtaining their regular professional bird control services.

Shopping Malls & Retail Stores

Birds are fond of eating scraps of food from retail stores like cafes and restaurants inside a mall. In addition, birds may enter these areas via emergency exits or other entrance points, which can cause customers to become harassed. They might even leave and never return if nothing’s done about it.

Industrial Facilities

It is crucial to have solutions for bird control installed in places where heavy machinery is utilised. Otherwise, in its absence due to bird droppings, there’s a risk of equipment breakdown, stock contamination, and other supply and manufacturing issues.

Corporate Skyscrapers

The high-rises appeal to birds looking for shelter or food due to their accessible glossy surfaces and air vents. If you hire an expert bird removal service to secure these entrance points, you will be able to stop intruders from entering your buildings and keep them looking clean.

Commercial Offices & HQ

Many headquarters and commercial offices have signed contracts for obtaining regular pest inspections. Simultaneously, purchasing bird-prevention services is also beneficial to stop employees from becoming exposed to birds.

Most Recommended Bird Pest Control Services

Obtaining the measures mentioned below for bird prevention can help to safeguard commercial areas from flying creatures like Pigeons, Starlings, Mynas, etc.

Bird Nets & Wires

Bird prevention wires and nets are safe enough to guarantee the removal of birds from your roofs and balconies. The wires made of steel will further help secure your structure and prevent the intrusion of frequent flying squatters.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are an excellent option to stop birds from flocking or landing, and overall helpful in reducing their activities near you. The spikes can be placed on chimneys and ledges, steel beams, girders and various steel structures.

Bird Shooting

While some might be sceptical regarding the use of birdshot treatments, they’re among the most effective methods to manage birds. It’s a great solution for industrial or commercial areas where large numbers of birds are found. It is important to remember that only professional bird removal services can do this without disrupting your business operations.

Solar Panel Proofing

Companies are adopting greener methods, so managing the security of the solar panel becomes essential to continue on the green path. Here, installing the stainless steel black UV-coated wire mesh can prevent birds from settling on and under the panels. So, getting such preventive measures will ultimately help avoid damage to the cells and wiring from bird intrusions.

Final Words

Tom’s Pest Control can help you learn more about the most effective methods for controlling birds and advise you on the best option. You may also visit us to book a customised bird pest prevention treatment to safeguard your company for building profits.

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