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Pest control is a crucial part of property maintenance. When unwanted pests enter your home or business, you need assistance from professionals like Tom’s Pest Control.

Tom’s Pest Control is a renowned name in the industry, offering its quality services to homes and offices in Manor Lakes for years. Pests like cockroaches, rodents, ants, termite, etc. enter properties easily and contaminate your space. Having them removed permanently using the right techniques is important. This is why the technicians at Tom’s Pest Control design tailored treatment plan for your home and office and ensure they are implemented perfectly to get you great results.

A Unique Service Experience

We believe in offering complete assistance to our customers when it comes to pest infestation. We have the experience and expertise to tackle any type of pest contaminating your property. Our technicians don’t just provide pest treatment services, but also put in plenty of efforts to identify the reasons for the infestation and the contributing factors. By collecting such information, our technicians are in a better position to treat the problem and provide lasting results.

When we undertake the responsibility of removing pests from your property, we follow a four-stage process to complete the job.


We conduct a comprehensive inspection throughout your property to find information like the types of pests in your home or office, the species, the infestation level, the damage caused, and more. Using modern tools and techniques, we spot even the slightest level of pest infestation at your property. We then prepare an inspection report including all these details.

Treatment Plan

Depending on the condition of your property, a tailored pest control treatment plan will be designed. The plan will define the treatment procedure, its timeline, and the expected.

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Pest extermination

Once the plan has been made, our technicians will carry out the pest control services at your property. Using a mix of treatment services, we aim at eradicating the pest issues completely. We provide both, chemical and non-chemical treatments to get effective results.

Ongoing prevention

Our treatment alone may not be sufficient enough to get you permanent results. This is why we provide specific tips to help you avoid and control future infestations.

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