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If the pest concern is bothering you, look no further than Tom’s Pest Control – your local pest exterminator.

We are a reputed name known for offering bespoke pest treatment and integrated pest management for all local homes, businesses, and guests of Mentone. We use chemical, natural, and a combination of the two techniques to remove different pest species from your surroundings.

All our methods are proven and considered the best practice as they offer desired outcomes for all the pest control projects we undertake. In addition, we remember to check that all our tools, procedures, and products comply with industry rules and regulations. Finally, we treat each issue individually, irrespective of its size and budget. It allows us to offer the best service that is fast and cost-efficient.

    Why Do You Need Professional Pest Control?

    Pest presence is a common issue for any property. You will sometimes encounter ants, cockroaches, rodents, etc., at your premises. The sight of one or two pests occasionally may not bother you, but you need to be severe if you notice their increasing numbers day by day. It indicates that the particular pest has chosen your place as its home. If they find favourable conditions, they will multiply their population and impact your daily life. They will spread diseases and cause damage and financial loss. They may also damage your business reputation.

    So, we are there to help you irrespective of the pest type and infestation level. We know what it requires to create an ideal solution to eradicate the pest. You can contact us anytime and from anywhere in Melbourne.

    We have gained knowledge and expertise by treating different pest issues for various properties. Hence, there can’t be anything we don’t know when it comes to pest solutions. We have equipped our team with knowledge, experience, and training to handle any pest challenges. So, feel free to call us anytime and get the desired help.

    You need to opt for reliable, professional service because of the following benefits:

    • It’s easier for an experienced pest controller to identify the pest type accurately. It helps in determining the suitable treatment and ensures a perfect outcome.
    • The experts know the correct procedure for applying chemicals without harming the health of your children, pets, employees and old-aged person.
    • The specialist knows which solutions will be most effective and how they can affect your environment. So, he may recommend you move your loved ones temporarily out of the site where the treatment is undergoing.
    • The quality pest control company in Melbourne considers each paste issue individually and doesn’t apply the same treatment for all. It ensures safety, quality, and efficiency.
    • The reputed pest controllers use modern technology and tricks to eradicate pests in a short time and ensure no reinfestation risk

    Our general residential pest control consists of the following:

    • Home inspection and treatment
    • Pest treatment in attic or loft
    • Pest access and treatment in a garden area
    • Pest control treatment of the roof
    • Much more

    Similarly, we generally check the following while carrying out commercial pest control:

    • Inspection and treatment of office and workplaces
    • Solution for the pest invasion in restaurants or takeaways
    • Pest treatment for medical facilities
    • Pest removal for warehouses
    • Pest access and control for retail businesses
    • Pest eradication for construction areas
    • Pest control for hotels
    • Much more

    As an experienced service provider, we know that our customers expect reliable, fast and efficient treatment. So, we do our best to offer services that you can trust.

    Termite Pest Control Mentone

    If you notice any traces of termites at your place, please take the matter seriously. They attack the wooden and timber installations on your property and silently destroy them in no time, causing huge losses. Sometimes, the damages can be irreparable. Hence, contact us before the matter becomes out of control.

    Their presence can be a massive problem for any home or business. We will reach your place within an hour to conduct an inspection. Without inspection, it’s impossible to determine the damage they have caused and prevent them from causing further damage. Moreover, we use the latest survey tools to locate their colonies and destroy them immediately. But how will you confirm their presence?

    If you observe any of these, call us without giving a second thought:

    • Damaged woods or timber that crumbles
    • Presence of mud tubes anywhere in your home or garden
    • Drywall holes
    • Piling up of droppings or wings

    Commercial Pest Control Mentone

    Pest presence can be a blot on the clean, positive reputation of any business. It greatly impacts the client’s perception of your business management. In addition, many employees work in different warehouses, food processing units, healthcare centres, hotels, restaurants, and retail centres. If the commercial facilities are infested by harmful pests, it will cause a serious threat to their health and safety. Therefore, a pest-free, hygienic environment is necessary for any business.

    Tom’s Pest Control offers specialist commercial pest control services catering to the needs of different commercial establishments. We know the importance of a hygienic environment for your commercial growth. You can’t afford minor negligence in this aspect because it may cost the health and work efficiency of your staff and employees. It may affect your consumer base and business base.

    We provide pest-specific, customised service, taking the utmost care for your safety. Moreover, all our services meet industry standards and ensure our commitment to excellence. We target the particular pest troubling you and eradicate it with long-term relief. So, contact us regardless of your business type or pest removal task type.

    Pest control near me: local expertise is just a phone call away!

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    How We Are Different?

    Tom’s Pest Control is the name that represents quality service, innovative techniques and undeniable business ethics. Our pest control is more than just removing or controlling pests. We get you covered more than that. From us, you can expect end-to-end services that focus on inspection, planning, execution, protection and prevention.

    We use an innovative approach to all the pest control tasks we undertake. It makes us capable of providing client-specific service with desired results for each of the cases. In addition, we maintain high safety standards while implementing our treatment processes.

    You can expect the following on booking our service:

    • Same-day pest inspection and treatment
    • High professionalism
    • Termite inspection for a pre-purchased property
    • High-quality commercial and residential pest control
    • 24/7 customer support.
    • Certified and skilled technicians
    • Instant inspection and quotation.
    • Strict adherence to safety rules and regulations
    • Customised service
    • 100 per cent guaranteed results

    Book With Us For A Positive Experience

    We have not limited our pest extermination service to Mentone but offer our professional help and advice to all nearby suburbs of Melbourne. For more information contact our expert. You can also avail of a free quote to get an idea of service cost.

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