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Mosquito bites are dreadful as they can transmit a range of diseases. The bites are also painful and are a nuisance in day-to-day life.

Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive, safe mosquito pest control services in Melbourne to safeguard both our residential and commercial customers from a range of serious illnesses spread by these insects.

With several years of conducting expert services, certified pest control specialists, and modern tools, our mosquito control company has created an excellent reputation in the industry. We offer tailored mosquito treatment procedures that help our customers to achieve their goal of a healthy habitat.

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    Why Is Timely Mosquito Control Critical?

    There are at least 300 species of mosquitoes in Australia, and most of them are harmless or don’t bite humans. However, the species that bite humans pose serious concerns and can bring down your quality of living with the following consequences:
    • Mosquitoes are known for transmitting the Ross River virus around Victoria. The disease causes fatigue, muscle aches, and inflammation and pain. For some patients, the disease can create rashes in their body, and many people take almost a year to recover from the symptoms.
    • Mosquito bites can also transmit the Barmah Forest virus that causes fatigue, joint pain, fever, muscle aches, and rashes of variable appearance on limbs and torsos. The patients usually take up to six months to completely recover from the symptoms.
    • Though rare, mosquito bites can transmit the Murray Valley encephalitis virus as well. It’s a highly serious health condition that causes brain infection and swelling, leading to brain damage or death.
    • The outbreak history of Dengue fever in Australia and the presence of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes – the mosquitoes that transmit the disease – confirm the risks of Dengue fever by mosquito bites.
    • Most mosquito bites are painful, cause irritation, and lead to minor swelling on your body.
    Therefore, your goal of healthy living can’t be achieved without reducing the chances of mosquito bites. At Tom’s Pest Control, we will help you to protect yourself and family members or your workforce through advanced mosquito control procedures.

    Mosquito Pest Control Process

    As a reputed mosquito control company, we have a standardised, four-stage procedure to make your environment free of mosquitoes for a safe living experience.

    Mosquito Pest Control Inspection

    After you contact us with a mosquito control request, our certified mosquito pest control technicians will come to your property and complete an inspection. During the inspection, we will locate the breeding grounds of these insects – usually a water source on your property premise.

    They will also check the level of mosquito infestation on the property to conclude the type of extermination that is required.

    Mosquito Control Plan

    Based on the inspection, we will create a tailored mosquito pest control plan to limit mosquitoes in your environment. The plan will include the type of mosquito treatment, the timeline of the treatment, any specific instructions to the inhabitants of the property, the expected outcome, and more.

    Before beginning with the mosquito treatment, we will update you on all the necessary information you need to know and ensure that you are receiving a transparent service experience.

    The Extermination Procedure

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we use a range of treatment techniques, including biological control methods, physical control methods, fogging, and pesticides. We prioritise the health of our customers and prefer non-chemical treatment methods. Even when we use pesticides, we choose safe, certified products.

    Based on the extent of mosquito infestation, we may use a mix of different extermination procedures to give you the best results.

    The Ongoing Prevention

    The treatment is to provide you with mosquito control results for a stipulated period. To control the mosquito population in the long-term, we will advise you of tips and strategies specific to your environment. However, some of the following tips can work for everyone and help them to control the mosquito population in their environments.

    • Remove the sources of standing water around your property that help mosquitoes to breed. This includes draining structures with standing water, properly dispose of all types of trash, clean roof gutters, fill the pits on the ground that store water, and more.
    • Regular yard maintenance, including mowing grass, trimming shrubs and trees, and more.
    • Screen windows and doors to limit the access of mosquitoes to the interior.
    • Mop your floors on a regular basis, wash and dry your food containers after every meal, and clean refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances.

    What Makes Tom’s Pest Control Services Ideal For You?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we make a difference with our commitment and service standards. You will find our services ideally meeting your requirements with the following characteristics:
    • Same/next day mosquito control services
    • Certified, experienced mosquito control company
    • Safe, family-friendly services
    • Comprehensive prices, upfront quotes
    • Local pest control teams
    • Friendly, transparent, seamless service experience
    • Complete satisfaction guarantee
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    How do we control mosquitoes in the garden?

    Mosquitoes may make gardening unpleasant and make relaxing on the porch a job. So, our specialist uses a hose-end sprayer or backpack sprayer to apply an insecticide, such as Reclaim IT, as well as an insect growth regulator, such as Pivot IGR, all over your yard to eliminate mosquitoes.

    Other than that, we also use the misting system or a mist blower with Flex 10-10 to spray your lawn and outdoor foliage if there are more severe infestations. We suggest that sprayings should be done regularly, perhaps every 10 to 14 days, to keep mosquitoes away and lower their number.

    These actions make your property less inviting for mosquitoes to congregate and gradually build a repelling effect. Hence, it would help if you used less insecticide. Most hardware and garden supply companies provide sprays or granules for mosquito control in outdoor areas. Only use them when required.

    Why do I need a mosquito control service?

    Malaria, dengue, brain fever, cerebral malaria, and filariasis are just a few of the highly hazardous illnesses that mosquitoes are notorious for carrying. Therefore, it may be lethal to have a mosquito infestation around you and your family, which is hazardous.

    The main objective is to protect families and homes from mosquitoes. Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne uses a methodical, comprehensive technique to get rid of mosquitoes on the property. To identify the impacted regions, our specialists thoroughly examine the location and surroundings.

    Then, a strategy is developed and implemented, employing chemical, non-chemical, and biological control techniques. Finally, a tailored programme is created with the customer to address particular mosquito issues.

    How long does mosquito control treatment last?

    Treatments for mosquitoes often last 4 to 8 weeks. How long a mosquito treatment will be effective depends on various variables, including the weather, location, and mosquito population size. However, we cannot spray for mosquitoes with severe winds or heavy downpours.

    This is so that less treatment will end up on the grass since the wind will blow it away. If it rains within 30 minutes after application, the treatment will also be washed away by the rain. Rain will have no adverse effects on the grass once the treatment has dried.

    For the best results, we advise using a mosquito treatment once a month during the mosquito breeding season. Once the mosquito treatment has been applied, it will kill mosquitoes that land on the treated plants and have a repelling effect, which keeps insects away from your property.

    What are the signs of a mosquito infestation?

    One of the obvious signs that you could have a mosquito problem is the constant buzzing you frequently associate with them. In addition, mosquitoes’ distinctive high-pitched buzzing sound will let you know whether you have them.

    Additionally, mosquitoes like the shaded places. You need to examine these locations for an infestation if you reside on a property with a lot of shade or gloomy regions. Make cautious not to bring them back to your house with you if you live close to a forest.

    But suppose your house or property is infected with mosquitoes. In that case, you’ll probably start seeing them in the evening and sometimes even during the day.

    Can mosquito spray harm my health?

    No. Any substances would need to be inhaled directly to enter your bloodstream significantly. Residents are encouraged to stay indoors while the spraying is taking place despite the minimal toxicity of the substance.

    The study states that “Sumithrin may produce nausea, vomiting, throat irritation, headache, disorientation, and skin and eye irritation when people in significant concentrations breathe it.”

    Therefore, even if the spray is not dangerous, it is advisable to avoid touching it directly. According to experts, the mosquito population will decline as the temperature cools. However, they won’t completely disappear until the first hard frost.

    Is there anything home/building owners can do to reduce mosquitoes?

    Mosquitoes lay their eggs in damp, dark areas like the laundry room, behind sinks, under showers, in closets, and under furniture. Mosquitoes that come inside from the outside might start laying eggs inside. Take the next actions: –

    • Empty and clean any containers that retain water, such as vases or flowerpot saucers, flip them over, cover them, or throw them away for a week to get rid of mosquito eggs and larvae.
    • Use an indoor pesticide if you still have mosquitoes in your house after installing and fixing screens, emptying, and cleansing containers.
    • Foggers or bug spray indoors will treat mosquito breeding grounds and kill the insects.
    • To treat regions within your house, engage an expert in pest control.

    Our mosquito specialists at Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne will ensure that your residence or place of business is free of mosquitoes.

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