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Do you see irregular holes in your clothes and are searching for the reason behind the damage? Are you worried that your rugs have moth infestation and are looking for carpet moth treatment in Melbourne?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control. We are the preferred destination for Melbourne residences and businesses for quality, safe, effective moth removal and moth pest control treatment. With certified, experienced pest technicians and state-of-the-art procedures, we will provide you with quick, efficient moth pest control pest control services.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer tailored treatment solutions, based on our inspections, to provide the best results.

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    Why Moth Pest Control?

    Moths do not bite or cause any direct harm to humans. However, they do something more than most other pests do – causing widespread damage to your personal products and may indirectly affect your health conditions. Some of the major dangers associated with moth infestation are the following:
    • The droppings of moths can contaminate your food and lead to serious illnesses if you consume the food.
    • There are specific moth species that attack clothes, carpets, and blankets. Also, people who use such clothes and blankets may experience an allergic reaction.
    • The hairs of the moth in the caterpillar stage can trigger asthma attacks.
    • Moths can fly to peoples’ faces and become a nuisance, especially in heavily infested properties.
    • Some moth species can make people feel uncomfortable as they become noisy and disturb your sleep at night.
    • Brown house moths consume cereals, seeds, flours, and potatoes and can infest food products.
    • White moths and their green caterpillar larvae can destroy crops and should be dealt with immediately with our white moth removal service. They are most active between December and April.
    In conclusion, moths can damage your personal items and make your life more stressful if not addressed on-time. As soon as you see the signs of moth infestation, contact us for an immediate pest control service to make your environment healthy.

    Signs Of Moth Infestation

    Since many moth species, including clothes moths, are photophobic, you may not visually identify them.
    • Check your clothes and carpets to see any infestation, including holes. In reality, moth larvae cause damage to the clothes as they feed off the fibres.
    • You can check for the darker and hidden areas of your property for the presence of moths. Often, you may find live larvae, cocoons, and webbing in the hidden areas to confirm moth infestation.
    • Unlike clothes moths, pantry moths are attracted to light and can be spotted around the lights at night.
    If you see any of the specified symptoms, contact us for brown house moth control, clothes moth removal services, white moth removal, or pantry moth services.
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    Our moth Treatment Procedure

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer a complete moth removal pest control service for moth infestation at residential and commercial properties. Our four-stage process leaves your environment free of moths, ensures maximum protection for your personal belongings and safeguards you from health issues.

    Moth Removal Inspection

    Once you contact us with a moth control request, our certified pest control specialists will visit your property for inspection – according to your convenient hours. We will identify the type of moth, the level of infestation, the total damage associated with it, the factors at your property that contribute to the moth infestation, and more.

    Moth Removal Treatment Plan

    Based on the inspection findings, our extermination specialists will create specific moth treatment plans. The plan will include the type of treatment, the expected results, the timeline of the treatment, and any instructions to the inhabitants of the affected property.

    We will communicate the treatment plan with you before starting the process and make sure that you are getting a completely transparent service experience.

    The Extermination Procedure

    As outlined in the treatment plan, our extermination technicians will complete the procedure within the timeline. For clothes moths, we use safe, approved insecticide sprays to eliminate the pests from your cupboards and wardrobes. While we don’t apply the insecticides to your clothes, we will spry on your curtains, floors, and more.

    Similarly, we will apply the pantry cupboards and cabinets for pantry moths as well and dispose of all the foods that are exposed to the pests. After the treatment, we will also advise you of the steps and procedures to take to save your affected clothing.

    Ongoing Prevention

    Without ongoing prevention steps, you can’t get long term moth infestation control at your property, regardless of the treatment standards. We will guide you on how to limit future moth infestation with specific tips and suggestions based on your property conditions and current infestation.

    However, with a number of general steps, you can reduce the infestation significantly. It includes regular cleaning of your spaces, disposal of damaged and open food products, removal of garbage, cleaning of food containers, and inspection of clothes for the moth infestation.

    Why Tom’s Pest Control?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we make a difference with our service standards. You will find our services as the most convenient choice for you with the following characteristics:
    • Certified, experienced moth removal technicians
    • Same/next day moth control services
    • Safe, family-friendly services
    • Upfront quotes, comprehensive prices
    • Local pest control teams
    • Friendly, seamless service experience
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
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    What are the most widespread moth species?

    Tineola Bisselliella is among the most well-known moth species and is sometimes called the clothing moth. This is because wool, specifically, where it lays its eggs and where the larvae develop, is the natural fibre in which it flourishes the best. In addition, these moths can be found in stored grains and food, particularly in food. 

    The pantry moth, commonly known as the Indian food moth, is another annoying house insect. It lives and flourishes in cupboard grains and food, as the name would imply, where its larvae also grow into adult moths. They have a history of attacking almost any meal in the house, including cereals, pet foods, dried fruits like dates, seeds, and even fried milk.  

    The Luna moth, a common silk moth that stands out for its size, comes next. The wings of the enormous moth are a light shade of lime green, and its body is white.

    Why is a moth's infestation harmful to humans and pests?

    Moths contaminate food items with their waste and abandoned cocoons. These might be a source of pathogens since they provide food for other pests like mites and fungus. In addition, people and animals with allergies may experience allergic responses after touching spoiled food and moth-infested fabrics.

    They are the most destructive pests to annual and perennial food and fibre crops, as well as to forest products and food products that have been kept. The yields of the fibre and food commodities affected might be damaged by up to 80%.

    At Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne, we care for the moth problem and assist our residential and commercial clients. We will provide you with complete satisfaction after you inform us about the moth infestation. Call us for a quote.

    Why do you need professional services for moth control and removal?

    It might be unpleasant to pull your favourite sweater out of the closet and discover it full of holes, whether you’ve worked hard to construct a fantastic wardrobe or adore your apparel.

    Unfortunately, moths that feed on cloth are tiny enough and hide well enough that they can quickly go undiscovered until harm has been done. Once the proof has been found, contact a professional moth control service provider.

    From moth identification to prevention, professionals are responsible for providing a complete moth control service within your budget. The standards set by Quality Pro and the National Pest Management Association are met and exceeded by our specialists and employees. You can rely on us for a free estimate, skilled service, and the highest standard of client satisfaction. For all of your home and business pest control needs, call (03) 9034 5957 immediately.

    Are the moth control and removal services safe?

    Usage of Permethrin for moth control can be safe for humans. It is a very efficient mothproofing pesticide that kills other insects and moth larvae. In addition, it damages the moth larvae’s nervous system once they consume it, killing them nearly instantaneously.

    As people and animals (apart from cats) possess an enzyme that breaks down the permethrin right after it enters their body. Thus, they are not affected by its toxicity. A further advantage is that items treated with permethrin remain free of moth holes even after being sold.

    Anywhere your products are moth larvae that consume fabrics treated with permethrin won’t live for more than five minutes. So, in addition to distinguishing yourself from the competition, your consumers are shielded against moth larvae and holes. Thus, the safety depends on the products used for moth control.

    What are the best techniques for moth control?

    Moths are a particular kind of flying insect that is crucial to pollination. There are around 160,000 species of moth in the world. There are over 11,000 species in the United States alone. Here are some suggestions for getting rid of moths in your house. We also discuss the potential health risks of moths and when it is best to see a professional.

    To get rid of any eggs and larvae from the house as quickly as possible, empty the vacuum cleaner and take out the garbage after cleaning. Moths can also be repelled by cedar furniture, although the cedar oil’s scent will fade after time. This is why someone would want to try cedar oil instead.

    Natural cleaning agents like white vinegar modify the pH of the surfaces they come in contact with. Therefore, white vinegar exposure renders moth eggs and larvae incapable of surviving in the environment. Contact Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne immediately if you don’t want to opt for home remedies for moth elimination.

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