Professional Pest Control Niddrie

At Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne, we aspire to offer effective pest control services to our customers that are affordable as well. Many business and house owners in Niddrie and nearby suburbs rely on the expertise of our competent professionals for precise assessments and effective solutions for different pest issues.

We treat each pest invasion with a professional attitude, realising that no two infested environments can be the same. Hence, no two pest treatment strategies should be alike. Our top priority is protecting your family, pets, and employees. So, we offer safe and precise treatment of your commercial and residential property to eliminate the existing pest effectively. We also offer preventive tips to ensure that they don’t resurface soon.

In addition, we use cutting-edge technology to offer the safest solution with an effective result. Our skilled experts understand the seriousness of the pest infestation and are aware of the health risks that may come with it. That’s why we use a unique strategy to bring the condition under control or eliminate the infestation.

Our treatment procedures are highly effective on pests but safe for you and your loved ones. Therefore, if you are dealing with any nasty pest infestation and want to get rid of it permanently, call us today and schedule an appointment with our specialist technician.

    Commercial Pest Control Niddrie

    Hotels, clinics, restaurants, warehouses, retail shops, airports, and almost all other commercial places must maintain hygiene and cleanliness to attract more customers to their business. In restaurants and hotels, pests like ants, spiders, rodents, and cockroaches spoil the food products and cause a health risk.

    Similarly, in hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities, creatures like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rats worsen the patient’s health and trigger infections. Therefore, if you want to create a healthy, customer-friendly environment for your commercial establishments, then you should book our specialist pest control treatments at a regular interval.

    Generally, commercial buildings are bigger in size, and some may have complicated architecture, which becomes favourable breeding and nesting grounds for the pest. But we are well equipped to undertake any pest control job and can deliver excellent results irrespective of the size of your commercial establishment or any other complexities.

    We plan and execute our job in such a way that every corner of the building gets attention and treatment. It allows us to ensure that your premises will become free of pests with no risk of reinfestation.

    Termite Pest Control Niddrie

    Termites are one of the most hazardous pests that have the ability to damage wooden installations on your property permanently. The havoc they cause can be beyond repair. So, it requires expert service to exterminate them from your place efficiently.

    Don’t worry! Tom’s Pest Control provides specialist termite control services. We use advanced termite detection devices to find out their colonies and destroy them completely. You can also contact us for a pre-purchase inspection for termites.

    We can guarantee the eradication of termites and the prevention of your property from their attack in future. It is because we use human-friendly, safe, yet effective pesticides for termite control and eradication. Therefore, you can call us for effortless termite control in Melbourne.

    Pest Control Service We Provide

    We believe in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction. Our job ends only when we can provide 100% results. So, we use cutting-edge technology to provide a wide range of pest control services with the safest methodology. You can rely on us for:

    Residential Pest Control Services

    Are you scared of sending your children to the garden because of harmful mosquitoes or spiders? Do bird dropping and feathers spoil the cleanliness of your car every day? Why tolerate all these pest nuisances when Tom’s Pest Control is there for your help. We have expertise in controlling a different variety of pests on your domestic property.

    We understand your concern for your kids, pets, and old-aged person in your family. However, they are more prone to diseases transmitted by pests. In addition, they are sensitive to the odours of the pesticides or chemicals used for pest treatment. So, choose industry-approved products and techniques to avoid side effects or health risks.

    In addition, we take utmost care to protect your furniture, wall, or any other parts of your home while carrying out the treatment process. We use the latest monitoring tools to detect pest infestation points and treat them effectively. Therefore, you can consider our specialist residential pest control services to make your home environment safe and secure for your kids, pets, and other family members.

    Our Pest Control Strategy In Detail

    We formulate and apply a 4-steps pest control strategy that is humane, effective, and safe because we know that different pests, like ants, spiders, termites, cockroaches, etc., can’t be removed permanently without a systematic process. So, the following is our organised procedure we follow to offer our clients a secure environment:

    Inspection of Your Place

    Our team will inspect each corner of your property. It may be under the furniture, behind the drainage pipes, and over the trees. We will check everywhere to identify the pests’ nesting places and breeding grounds. In addition, we will determine the pest species, the intensity of their infestation and damage in this step.


    After inspection, the pest control Niddrie team will prepare a personalised plan. It will include many important points such as suitable treatment, duration of the process, recommendations to follow, expected results, and much more. We will inform our clients about the treatment procedure before implementing them.


    In this step, we actually take measures to exterminate pest populations. We will remove webs, nests, burrows, and other breeding and nesting sites using a suitable technique. If the species are protected, we will relocate them. On the contrary, we use pesticides to destroy annoying pests.

    Prevention Tips

    If the infestation is widespread or severe, it may take some time to eradicate them. Therefore, we will monitor the condition till the desired result is achieved. Lastly, we will share multiple prevention tips to keep the pests away from your property.

    Licenced, Insured Operations

    We offer fully licensed and fully insured pest control services to our customers, so they need not worry about anything.

    Friendly, Hassle-Free Service

    We believe in offering a convenient and hassle-free service experience to our customers, which is why we are always ready to answer all of your questions.

    Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

    We wish to satisfy all our customers with our high-quality services. If you aren’t happy or satisfied with our service, you can get in touch with us and we can help you again.


    Wonderful service. I called in the morning for an appointment that night without a problem. Paul was beyond accommodating and Neel was really polite, informative and transparent.

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