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Looking for trusted and professional pest control in Geelong? Look no further than Tom’s Pest Control.

With more than two decades of service to the community, our highly skilled professionals remain committed to providing exceptional and reliable pest management solutions. Rest assured, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality services that exceed your expectations.

Experience pest-free living with Tom’s Pest Control. Our dedicated team of experts provides exceptional pest prevention services and customized solutions for your home or business. Say goodbye to pests and enjoy a comfortable, worry-free environment with our trusted and tailored approach.

Trust us to keep your space pest-free for years to come. Our customized services ensure that your home or business remains pest-free for years to come. Our comprehensive offerings cover every aspect of pest control, including residential and commercial services, thorough termite inspections and treatments, effective rodent control measures, bird-proofing solutions, meticulous spider treatments, and more. With our expertise, you can trust us to protect your property and create a pest-free environment that you can depend on.

    Specialist Pest Control Services Geelong

    We have expertise in treating almost all pest types that commonly attack your home or office spaces. As a result, we offer different services to make you avail of solutions for any pest issue under one roof. Hence, you can contact us for:

    Termite Inspection, Treatment & Control In Geelong

    At termite control Geelong, we provide an extensive range of termite treatment solutions for homeowners and businesses in the Geelong area. Our termite treatment services are tailored to suit your individual needs, with treatments ranging from baiting and monitoring programs to chemical treatments.

    We also offer pre-treatment options, such as termite inspections and barriers, to help prevent future infestations. Our team of experienced technicians has a wealth of knowledge about termites, so you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands with us.

    With over 20+ years of experience in termite control, our experts can provide you with the most effective solution for your problem. Don’t hesitate—call us today.

    Cockroach Control And Removal

    At Toms Pest Control, they specialise in dealing with cockroaches. They first identify the type of cockroach and then employ a mix of nonrepellent sprays and baits to eradicate the infestation. After removing the pests, they recommend maintenance to prevent their return.

    Toms Pest Control prides itself on providing various services for both commercial and residential cockroach control in Geelong. They stand out for their expertise in recognizing cockroach species and offering tailored treatments to manage infestations. Their dedication to using products, along with their meticulous approach, ensures that infestations are controlled and managed sustainably over time.

    Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

    Toms Pest Control in Geelong offers Building and Pest Inspection services to guarantee the safety and efficiency of properties. Their team conducts pre-purchase, pre-auction, and new home inspections and checks for termites and pests.

    Using cutting-edge technology, we provide reports within 24 hours, enabling clients to make informed decisions. Their services are customized to identify issues and ensure compliance, conducting evaluations of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Toms Pest Control prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering pricing, quick turnaround times, and expert guidance.

    Rodent / Mice / Rat Control Geelong

    Tom’s Pest Control offers complete rodent control services in Geelong, including surveys to identify species, entry points and nesting sites. Their treatment plan includes using nets and traps to ensure safety and tips on keeping rodents out of homes.

    Tom’s Pest Control offers a similar service, focusing on safely and effectively removing rats/mice/rats using professional netting. We emphasize safety and long-term prevention. Our customized solutions protect homes and businesses from future rodent infestations, ensuring your peace of mind.

    Bed Bug Control

    Tom’s Pest Control covers bug treatment using the newest techniques to eliminate these insects effectively and avoid future problems. Tom’s Pest Control offers efficient pest management, ensuring the most fruitful outcome.

    It employs humane and responsive methods for preventing and eliminating pests (e.g., beetles, ants, earwigs, roaches, fleas, and bed bugs). We are your number-one choice when it comes to handling the problem of bed bugs in Geelong. We provide advanced solutions to treat these pests and protect your homes.

    What Makes Tom’s Pest Control Different

    Tom’s Pest Control has become the first choice of many home and business owners because of its end-to-end service and guaranteed results. All credit goes to the expertise of our licensed technicians. They know what it requires to offer a quality solution to pest issues.

    In addition, our thorough knowledge of the latest technology and specialist tools contributes significantly to creating outstanding results for each project we undertake. It makes our service trustworthy. Hence, you can rely on us to address any pest issue. We have a perfect solution for all.

    Some of the qualities that make our service different are:

    Affordable Pest Treatment Price

    We offer all our services at a reasonable price. You can contact us to get a quote and compare it with other service providers. We assure you that you will find our service cost quite reasonable as far as quality is concerned.

    Expertise in our job

    We have been servicing the pest control industry for long years. It has given us the expertise in almost all pest removal services. So, we can undertake all challenges and create the best solution for any pest problem.

    Quick Same Day Pest Control Services

    We are renowned for providing quality same-day pest control services that last. This helps us gain our customers’ trust and has earned us many satisfied clients. They can’t think of any other names regarding quality pest control services for their homes or offices.

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control For Reliable Pest Control In Geelong?

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart, and our expert technicians are available 24/7 to address any concerns you may have. Contact us today to experience professional and effective pest control solutions in Geelong. Trust our care and expertise to keep your property free from unwanted pests.


    Wonderful service. I called in the morning for an appointment that night without a problem. Paul was beyond accommodating and Neel was really polite, informative and transparent.

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