Pre Purchase Pest Inspection in Melbourne

Residential or commercial property purchases are all about making some important decisions, and mistakes can be costlier than you think.

Do you want to see if there are any termites on the Melbourne property? We can conduct a pre-purchase pest inspection in Melbourne using state-of-the-art technology.

Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive property termite inspections to help you better understand if there are termites in the property.

When you have the right information, it helps you to get the best value out of your investment or to negotiate for a lower price. Our pre purchase house pest inspection cost is affordable to suit your budget.

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    Secure Your Investment With Pre Purchase Pest Inspections in Melbourne

    We have a pest inspection team that uses state-of-the-art technology to help find if there are termites in the property before purchase. Through our pre-purchase pest inspection, you will get the answers to the following questions:
    • Are there any damages to the property from wood pests?
    • Are there any cover-up issues at the property, including any dodgy maintenance works?
    • Does the property have any significant pest issues that require recurring treatment services?
    We will give you detailed information about the pest information of the Melbourne property, including past pest activity details, live pest nests present at the property, the property’s susceptibility to pest issues, and recommendations to control the infestation in the future.

    Our Pre-Purchase Residential Pest Inspection Services

    At Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne, we know that property buyers may have specific requirements when it comes to pre-purchase pest inspection services. Therefore, we offer pest inspection service.

    Pest Inspection

    Our licensed and experienced pest inspectors will go through every inch of the property – exterior and interior – and document major and minor damages. It will include the condition of the property, floor, roof, garage, stairs, decks, carports, plumbing, basement, and more. We will also verify any mould on the property and damp conditions that can lead to mould infestation in the future.

    Pre Purchase Pest House Pest Control

    The inspection is the best option for people who want to know the general condition and the pest issues of the property. In addition to the property’s condition and any damage it has, we will also identify and record any past and present pest issues at the property. 

    We will check for termites, wood borers, various types of fungus, fleas, and more and recommend treatments if required. Don’t forget that these pests can put your safety and health at risk and bring down the value of the property. Many Melbourne suburbs are known for pest infestation issues, and most of those issues are hidden from the eyes of a potential buyer.

    Our qualified pest inspectors in Melbourne will give you a detailed report that describes all sorts of past and present pest damage and issues at the property. It will help you to take proactive measures to safeguard your investment.

    Pre Purchase Pest Inspection in Melbourne

    Why Should You Choose Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we have several years of expertise in conducting property pest inspection services, including pest control services. We make a difference with the following aspects of our services:

    Certified & Experienced Pest Inspection Specialists

    We have certified and highly experienced pest inspection specialists in Melbourne to provide you with an accurate status of your property. Our team is dedicated to helping you discover wood pests on your property.

    State-Of-The-Art Systems And Tools

    Tom’s Pest Control uses modern tools and techniques to provide a satisfactory pre purchase pest report. These include advanced water leak detectors, motion magnification technology, drone imaging for roof damages, and more. We also use advanced thermal imaging cameras to find any inconsistencies in the temperature at your property for pest infestation.

    Upfront Quotes, Seamless Service Experience

    You can get an obligation-free, upfront quote for our pest inspection services and experience a transparent service. Our pest inspection specialists will schedule an appointment with your broker, come to the property at convenient hours, and complete the inspections with zero hassles.

    Speedy Pest Inspection Services

    We are committed to providing quick pest inspection services based on your needs. Our property pest inspectors will visit you the same day or the next day and complete the inspection. You will get the pest inspection report within 24 hours after our pest inspectors visit the property.


    What Is Involved In A Pre-purchase Pest Inspection?

    The cost of purchasing a property in Melbourne today is so high, and occasionally new homeowners receive terrible news as they settle in. Termite damage is typically concealed deep inside walls and beneath floors, so the normal buyer would not notice it before buying the property.

    If you hire Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne to do a pest inspection before you make a purchase, we will offer you the information you need to make an informed choice. Instead of a property inspector who lacks experience or a licence for pest work, our pest inspector will be a licenced and qualified timber inspector.

    From visual pest inspection to report-making, all are involved in Pre-purchase pest inspection. Your report will be concise and clear and contain not only the necessary words but also embedded pictures. To look into any problems, the inspector may employ extra tools, including moisture metres, motion detectors, and thermal imaging cameras.

    How Long Do Pre Purchase Pest Inspections Take?

    Finding your ideal house is a thrilling experience. And it might be the most significant financial commitment of your life. As a result, it is critical that you acquire a high-quality home with no surprises. It takes a long time to inspect each room, check high-risk locations like the sub-floor and roof void, assess the property around the structure, and investigate high-risk areas like every room.

    The duration of each examination is determined by a variety of variables. The size of the property, the number of structures, and the number of floors are all included in this. Consequently, each examination might last up to two hours.

    Pre-purchase pest inspections may save you thousands of dollars while reducing hazards and giving you peace of mind. If there are any significant construction flaws, you will know immediately, thanks to a report that has been expertly compiled.

    How Much Does A Pre Purchase House Pest Inspection Cost?

    The cost of a pest inspection can range from $299 to several hundred dollars, depending on the size of the property and the pest treatment business. When you buy a property, you can negotiate who pays for the pest inspection. The costs may be borne by either the buyer or the seller.

    Also, remember that the pest inspection fee does not cover the cost of any treatment that may be advised if the property has an infestation. Some pest control professionals may provide free inspections in exchange for you using their services if it is discovered that you do have a pest problem.

    A knowledgeable real estate agent should be able to recommend a pest inspection service. If you are looking for a nearby pre-purchase house pest inspection service, Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne is your ultimate choice.

    What Is A Pre Purchase Pest Inspection?

    A pre-purchase pest inspection is an inspection performed before to the acquisition of a property to guarantee that it is pest-free and safe to buy. It is normally done on the buyer’s behalf by a professional pest control firm.

    In most circumstances, the buyer is responsible for the expense of the pre-purchase pest inspection. Some indicators, however, may not necessitate the assistance of a professional. Even laypeople may determine whether or not a property is infested.

    In most cases, signs of infestation become obvious only after the pests have established their dominance on the land. The following are some examples of common signs:

    • Termites leave mud holes on walls.
    • Carpenter bees and beetles can be found in burrows or holes.
    • The presence of moles or wasps in the garden is indicated by soft areas.
    • Damaged screens or fences suggest the presence of rodents such as mice or squirrels.

    Who Needs A Pre Purchase Pest Inspection?

    If you are thinking seriously about buying a home, you should be aware of its current condition and whether there are any undiscovered issues that may require future attention. Buying a property is an expensive investment, so you need to be completely aware of what you are buying.

    You can be sure you’re purchasing a high-quality house thanks to a pre-purchase home pest inspection. Be advised that if you choose to forego a pre-purchase house pest inspection, you can have trouble completing your mortgage.

    Before granting your mortgage, your bank, for instance, can need documentation of the property’s condition. In the end, skipping a pre-purchase house pest inspection in an effort to save a few hundred dollars might wind up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs that you may have to cover out of pocket.

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