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Property Termite Inspections In Melbourne

Residential or commercial property purchases are all about making some important decisions, and mistakes can be costlier than you think.

Do you want to get the complete picture of a property before purchasing it and to ensure that you get the best value from the deal?

Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive property termite inspections, including pest inspection, to help you to know the exact condition of the property before you sign the contract.

When you have the right information, it helps you to get the best value out of your investment or to negotiate for a lower price.

What Will Our Inspections Tell you?

We have qualified pre-purchase inspectors, supported by a team of structural engineers, pest specialists, plumbers, and more, who will visit your property, inspect every inch, and provide you with accurate, comprehensive inspection results. Through our building inspection, you will get the answers to the following questions:
  • Are there any structural issues or major defects to the property? If yes, what is the extent of the damage?
  • Are there any cover-up issues at the property, including any dodgy maintenance works?
  • Does the roof have any issues, including waterproofing or leaking issues?
  • What are the minor defects of the property? How much are the repairing costs and maintenance charges?
  • Does the property have any significant pest issues that require recurring treatment services?
  • How much do you need to spend in total to make the property ready to occupy?
We will give you detailed information about the pest information of the property, including past pest activity details, live pest nests present at the property, the property’s susceptibility to pest issues, and recommendations to control the infestation in the future.

Our Inspection Services

At Tom’s Pest Control, we know that property buyers may have specific requirements when it comes to pre-purchase inspection services. Therefore, we offer two types of inspection services: building only inspection and building and pest inspection.

Building Only Inspection

Our licensed and experienced building inspectors will go through every inch of the property – both the exterior and interior – and document major and minor damages. It will include the condition of the building, floor, roof, garage, stairs, decks, carports, plumbing, basement, and more. Our inspection will also reveal any safety hazard issues at the property.

We will check all the structural issues of the building, including cracks on the walls, bouncy floors, sagging roof or broken roof tiles, and more. We will also verify any mould on the property as well as damp conditions that can lead to mould infestation in future.

Building And Pest Inspection

The inspection is the best option for people who want to know the general condition as well as the pest issues of the property. In addition to the property’s condition and any damage it has, we will also identify and record any past and present pest issues at the property.

We will check for termites, wood borers, various types of fungus, fleas, and more and recommend treatments if required. Don’t forget that these pests can put your safety and health at risk and bring down the value of the property. Many Melbourne suburbs are known for pest infestation issues, and most of those issues are hidden from the eyes of a potential buyer.

Our qualified pest and building inspectors will give you a detailed report that describes all sorts of past and present pest damage and issues at the property. It will help you to take proactive measures to better safeguard your investment and interests.

Why Should You Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have several years of expertise in conducting property inspection services, including pest inspection and control services. We make a difference with the following aspects of our services:

Certified & Experienced Inspection Specialists

We have certified and highly experienced inspection specialists to provide you with an accurate status of your property. We also have a team of structural engineers, plumbing specialists, roofing engineers, and more to provide you with expert, accurate opinions.

State-Of-The-Art Systems And Tools

At Tom’s Pest Control, we use modern tools and systems to provide the best inspection reports possible. These include advanced water leak detectors, motion magnification technology, drone imaging for roof damages, and more. We also use advanced thermal imaging cameras to find any inconsistencies in the temperature at your property for pest infestation.

Upfront Quotes, Seamless Service Experience

You can get an obligation-free, upfront quote for our inspection services and experience a transparent service. Our inspection specialists will schedule an appointment with your broker, come to the property at convenient hours, and complete the inspections with zero hassles.

Quick Inspection Services

We are committed to providing quick inspection services based on your needs. Our property inspectors will visit you on the same day or the next day and complete the inspection. You will get the inspection report within 24 hours after our inspectors visit the property.

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Safeguard Yourself With Pre-Purchase Inspection

Call us today on (03) 9034 5957 or use our online form to order a comprehensive inspection before signing the contract for a residential or commercial property. We will provide you with an obligation-free quote and help you to get the right value from your purchase.