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Nobody wants to see a mouse scurry across the floor while they’re enjoying a meal at their favourite restaurant. Unfortunately, pests are a reality in the food service industry, and they can cause serious problems if left unchecked. That’s where Tom’s Pest Control comes in.

We specialise in commercial restaurant pest control in Melbourne, and we’re experts at getting rid of even the most persistent pests. Whether you own a small café, a medium-sized eatery or a large chain restaurant, we’ll work diligently to keep your establishment pest-free.

And because we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure that your business is running smoothly. If you’re looking for restaurant pest control in Melbourne that you can count on, look no further than Tom’s Pest Control.

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    Our Restaurant & Cafe Pest Control Services

    Tom’s Pest Control offers the following range of commercial Restaurant & Cafe pest control services that help businesses to flourish with improved efficiency, better customer and employee satisfaction, and high-quality products and services.

    You can contact us for the below range of services:

    All our Restaurant & Cafe pest control services are tailored based on the level of pest infestation, pest species, and the damage within the property, regardless of the size of your business.

    Common Pests Found In Cafes And Restaurants

    Anyone who has ever worked in a cafe or restaurant knows that pests can be a big problem. ants, flies, cockroaches, and rodents are all drawn to the food and waste that accumulates in these businesses. Not only are pests unsightly and off-putting to customers, but they can also spread disease and contaminate food. While there are various of pests that can infest a cafe or restaurant, some of the most common include:


    These small insects are attracted to sugary foods and often build their nests near trash cans or other food sources.

    Flies Treatment

    Flies are attracted to garbage and rotting food, and they can quickly lay eggs in these areas.

    Cockroaches Control

    Cockroaches are often found in restaurants because they like to eat the same foods that humans do. They can also be difficult to control once they establish themselves in an area.


    Mice and rats are attracted to restaurants because they provide an easy source of food. These pests have the potential to contaminate food which can, in turn, spread disease, so it is vital to keep them out of your business.

    Pests can be a big problem for cafes and restaurants, but there are things that you can do to stop pests from invading your business. Keeping your premises clean and free of food waste is the best way to discourage pests from moving in. You should also regularly inspect your cafe or restaurant for signs of infestation and take steps to control any pests that you find.

    Pest Control Compliance

    Tom’s Pest Control is committed to helping restaurant and cafe owners keep their establishments compliant with pest control laws and regulations. We understand the unique challenges that cafes and restaurants face when it comes to pest management, and our experienced team is equipped to provide tailored solutions. From regular inspections to targeted treatments, we offer a comprehensive range of pest control services for restaurants.

    We also work with restaurant owners to develop customised pest management plans that will help to keep their kitchens clean and pest-free. With Tom’s Pest Control, you can be confident that your restaurant is doing its part to protect public health and safety.

    Non-toxic Pest Control Solutions

    Tom’s Pest Control uses non-toxic pest control solutions in cafes, restaurants and for the bakery and food industries. We have a team of highly-trained and experienced pest control technicians who are familiar with the challenges of pest control in a commercial kitchen.

    Our pest control solutions are designed to be effective against a wide range of pests, including cockroaches, ants, rats and mice. We also offer a complete range of services to our clients, including advice on pest proofing and hygiene management. Our pest control solutions are safe for use in food preparation areas, and we are confident that we can provide the best possible pest control for your restaurant or cafe.

    Affordable And Effective Pest Control For Cafes And Restaurants

    Tom’s Pest Control is a leading provider of pest control for restaurants and cafes in the Melbourne area. We provide affordable and effective pest control that is customized to your specific needs.

    Our experienced and certified technicians will work with you to create a pest control plan that is right for your business. We use only the latest and most advanced pest control products and techniques, so you can be sure that your restaurant or cafe will be free of pests.

    Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services for restaurants and cafes.


    How Often Should Restaurants Have Pest Control?

    You already know the harm a pest infestation can do to your restaurant. Therefore, you should constantly treat your restaurant for pests to reduce the negative effects of having a pest infestation there. In general, it is advised to have your restaurant’s pest control performed every three months.
    However, several factors affect how frequently you should get it treated. To determine how frequently your restaurant should be treated for bugs, speak with a pest control expert.
    To establish an effective treatment programme for your restaurant, expert pest control in Melbourne should inspect, evaluate the situation, and provide tailored plan advice.

    What Is The Greatest Concern About Having Pests In A Restaurant?

    Rats and mice can indicate unhygienic conditions, resulting in many problems, including contaminated food, low food safety audit results, and severe reputational harm.
    Working closely with a registered pest control specialist who can conduct a comprehensive examination and spot situations that are favourable to pest activity is crucial for restaurateurs due to evolving food safety laws.
    Additionally, restaurant owners and managers need to teach their personnel about basic sanitary procedures and pest control. A pest control business frequently aids in staff education. These actions will go a long way towards preventing the institution from breaking health code regulations and maintaining its good name.

    Why Is Pest Management So Important In A Restaurant?

    Pest management is a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pest treatment, which involves the routine use of pesticides. Pest management focuses on pest avoidance and utilises pesticides only when necessary.
    Restaurants serve as the ideal cocktail for luring pests in many ways. They provide easily accessible water, food, and shelter and regularly open doors with plenty of people coming in and out. Because of these factors, pests are a persistent hazard to businesses that provide food service, and one-time treatment methods are probably insufficient.
    For pest control in food enterprises, a longer-term strategy like pest management typically yields better, more enduring outcomes. For example, proactive pest prevention and monitoring techniques can help restaurants maintain regulatory and health code compliance while avoiding pest issues.

    What Are The Most Common Pests In Restaurants?

    The most common pests in restaurants are cockroaches, ants, and rodents. These pests can contaminate food and spread disease, so it is important to keep them out of your kitchen.

    How Often Should I Have Pest Control Done In My Restaurant?

    Pest control should be done on a regular basis to prevent infestations. The frequency will depend on the type of pest and the level of infestation.

    What Is The Pest Control Procedure Like In A Restaurant?

    The pest control procedure in a restaurant is similar to the procedure in any other commercial establishment. First, the area will be inspected for signs of pest activity. Then, the appropriate pest control products will be used to eliminate the pests. Finally, the area will be cleaned to remove any residual pest control products.

    Are There Any Special Considerations For Pest Control In A Restaurant?

    Yes, there are a few special considerations for pest control in a restaurant. First, you need to make sure that all food is properly stored and protected from pests. Second, you need to be aware of any potential health hazards that could be caused by pest products. Finally, you need to make sure that your employees are trained in proper pest control procedures.

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