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Rodent Control / Mouse Removal in Melbourne

Are you tired of the increasing population of rodents around your property and all the damage caused by them? Do you think that the health of your family members or workforce might be compromised due to rodents and you want professional rodent removal in Melbourne?

We welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control – the destination for advanced pest control for rats and mice. We use state-of-the-art techniques and modern tools to control the population of rodents around your premises.

With several years of conducting qualified services, we have created an outstanding reputation in the pest control industry of Melbourne.

Rodent Removal Melbourne | Mouse Removal Melbourne

Major Rodent Types Seen On Melbourne Properties

Australia is home to more than 60 indigenous rodent species in addition to three introduced species. With the ability to eat a wide variety of foods, their small size, and short breeding cycle, they are a very successful mammal.

In Victoria, you will often see the following common pest rodent species:

  • Norway rat – These brown coloured rats are active at night and have a lifespan of 9-12 months.
  • Roof rat – The black coloured rats have excellent climbing abilities and make their nests in roof voids and buildings. They have an average lifespan of 9-12 months.
  • House mouse – These brown or grey coloured rats live indoors or outdoors but in close proximity to humans. They have an average lifespan of 12 months.
Rodent infestation causes a number of health issues in humans and pet animals, and rat removal and mice control is a requirement for every household and business in Melbourne.

Importance Of Rodent Pest Control In Melbourne

The damage associated with a rodent infestation is often beyond your imagination. They are known for transmitting a number of diseases to humans and have claimed millions of lives throughout history.
  • The rodent droppings in the food contaminate it and cause mouse typhoid and mild meningitis.
  • People may get infected by leptospirosis due to direct contact with rodent droppings.
  • Through blood-sucking fleas that infest rats, Rickettsia typhi bacteria may get transmitted to humans and lead to Murine Typhus fever.
  • In some cases, rats and mouses may bite humans, and that can lead to rat-bite fever.
  • Rodents often introduce allergens to the home environment and can trigger asthma symptoms in humans.
  • Mice often carry ticks, which can lead to Lyme disease – a very serious health condition with long-term consequences.
  • Rodents inside a property can damage personal property, including electrical wirings.
Because of these risks, you cannot wait after seeing the signs of rodents at your property. Call Tom’s Pest Control for immediate rat pest control and mouse control services to safeguard yourself and your family or workforce.

Identification Of Rodent Infestation

You may not find the rodent at your property to confirm the infestation. But you can make this conclusion if you find any of the following:
  • Rodent droppings in floors, around food packages, cupboards, and more
  • Shredded fabric, paper, or plant matter in the property – used by rodents for nesting.
  • Signs of bites and chewing on food packages.
  • Stale smells from the hidden areas of the property.
  • Drilled holes on walls and floors.
If you see any of the above signs inside your property, Find pest control near me service for rodent control and mouse removal services in melbourne.
Rodent Removal Melbourne | Mouse Removal Melbourne

Rodent Removal Treatment Process

Tom’s Pest Control has a four-stage rodent removal procedure that ensures a healthy, clean environment for the long-term.

Mouse Control Inspection

Once you contact us about your rodent infestation issues, our certified pest control specialists will visit your property for a detailed inspection. During the inspection, they will identify the type of rodent, level of the infestation, nests of the rodents, and extent of the damage to your property.

Mouse Removal Plan

Based on the inspection findings, we will create a tailored pest treatment to make your environment healthy again. The treatment plan will include the type of rat removal or mouse removal treatment involved, the expected outcome from the treatment, timeline of the process, and any instructions to the inhabitants of the property.

We will also communicate the treatment plan with you before beginning with the rodent control treatment in melbourne.

Pest Control For Rats and Mice Process

Our extermination specialists will complete the procedure as outlined in the plan. We often use a mix of procedures such as different types of trapping, rodenticides, fumigation, glue boards, bristle strips, and more.

We prefer to offer non-chemical treatment options as we take extreme care with our customers, their family, and the surroundings.

Mic Control Ongoing Prevention

The ongoing prevention initiatives are critical in ensuring your environment is free of rodents. We will recommend the necessary repairs and modification suggestions to your property. We will also provide some general tips and tricks that keep rodents away, which includes the following:

  • Clean up food and water spills in and around your property.
  • Clear the gutters and regularly sanitise your spaces.
  • Store food products in tightly-sealed food containers.
  • Regularly dispose of the kitchen garbage properly.
  • Do a regular inspection around your property to see any signs of rodent infestation.

Why Hire Tom’s Pest Control For Rat Removal?

Tom’s Pest Control is focused on providing a superior service experience to our customers with the following characteristics:
  • Licensed, experienced rodent control technicians
  • Same/next day services
  • Safe, stress-free extermination services
  • Local rodent extermination teams
  • Upfront quotes, comprehensive prices
  • Friendly, transparent service experience
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
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How do you get rid of rodents?

You may remove rodents from your property using professional help or DIY ideas. If there’s just one rat or mouse on your property, you may buy a trap from the hardware store and have it installed in the area of your home where the rodent is spotted often. You may have to wait for a few days for the rodent to get caught in the trap. If you are lucky, the rodent may be caught within a day. If you are scared of rodents or find many on your property, you will require professional help. You can hire a pest control company to carry out the proper treatment to eradicate all rodents from your home.

Should I do pest control myself?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can carry out pest control on your own. You may set up a trap to catch the rodents. You can invest in live traps or snap traps to catch the rodents in your home. If you aren’t comfortable with traps, you can buy baits too. Setting up the baits in the areas of your home where the rodents are found frequently is an intelligent decision. Once the rodents feed on the baits, they will begin to die. You must know that killing the rodents with bait may require plenty of clean-up if the rodents die in your home itself. Also, baits can lead to secondary killing in homes with pets or kids, and hence it is advisable to allow only the experts to carry on the bait installation on your property.

Is it worth getting an exterminator for mice?

Yes. You must hire an exterminator if the infestation issue is too high or the area infested by the mice is too large. Mice and other rodents may enter your home, multiply, and damage your personal belongings. If you do not hire an exterminator on time, the infestation issue can increase to an extent where you will have to invest a hefty amount in removing the rodents from your property. It is advisable to get an exterminator for mice when you see the first signs of them being present in your home or office. Moreover, the exterminator will remove the mice from your property and take care of its hygiene.

Which pest control is best?

There are two reliable methods of removing mice from your property.

1. Mouse Traps
2. Mouse Baits

If you have spotted a mouse in your property repeatedly, it is recommended to get your home inspected by a pest control expert. Only a professional will be able to identify the areas infested and the level of infestation. Depending on what’s best for your home, the expert will suggest a treatment. If there are not many mice on your property, the expert may suggest installing traps. However, if the infestation level is high, the expert may recommend installing mouse baits in various corners of your home.

How do I get rid of rats in my house fast?

The fastest way to remove rats from your property is to poison them. You may also consider starving them by restricting access to food sources like bins, compost overflow, etc. Also, remove broken pipes or pet food to prevent providing food and water to them. Once they find no food source in your property, they may die of starvation or leave your property searching for food. You can also set up traps to catch them. However, when they get caught isn’t something that can be predicted. Another way to quickly remove rats from your home is to hire pest control experts. They will implement effective treatments to help you get rid of rats quickly.

How much does it cost for rodent control?

Rodent Removal services from your home’s indoor and outdoor area may cost around $250 to $300. However, if the area is too large, you may have to pay slightly higher than the said amount. To know the exact cost of removing rodents from your property, it is best to hire a pest control company to inspect your home and provide the cost for carrying out the treatment. Get in touch with Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne to book an inspection by our experts. We will visit your property, check for the area thoroughly and provide a quote depending on the infestation level.

What do professional pest control use for rats?

Professional pest control companies control the population of rats in your home by using liquid or gel baits. Baits containing pesticides are installed in various corners of your home for rats to feed on them. Once the rats find these baits, they begin to feed on them. Slowly, the pesticides in the bait react in their bodies, causing them to die. When all rats in your home consume the pesticides, they die, and it becomes easy for professionals to remove them from your property. Baits contain food and pesticides that are tempting to rats.

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