The Dangers of Rodents: Protecting Your Health and Property

Rodents like rats and mice are commonly found in residential and commercial properties. These pests enter your home or office in search of food and water. Therefore, they are found in areas with regular food supplies like kitchens, canteens, and pantries.

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Why is It Important to Remove Rats & Mice from Your Property?

Rodents can spread various diseases, such as salmonella and hantavirus, which can be hazardous to human health. They also damage property by chewing wood, electrical wiring, and insulation. Moreover, they contaminate food sources with their droppings and urine and can cause food poisoning if consumed. These things make it extremely important to adopt effective measures to remove rodents from your property.

The early signs of rodent infestation include a strong musky smell, bite marks on furniture and walls, and rodent droppings in the kitchen or other corners of the property.

You may hear unusual sounds on your property if the infestation level is high. For example, scurrying and scuttling may come from your roof or any other room. You may also begin to spot damaged food packages in your home.

To discourage rodents from entering your property, removing food sources, water, and items that may offer shelter to them is recommended. You must keep food and water covered at all times by storing them in rodent-proof containers.

If you have pets, you must throw away any remaining food in their bowls to avoid attracting rats and mice. Do not leave leftover food on the kitchen counter overnight. Instead, you must put it in a covered box or store it in the refrigerator.

It is essential to keep your home’s indoor and outdoor areas clean. All garbage bins inside or outside your home must be covered with a tight lid to avoid attracting rodents.

Rats and mice cause structural damage to your property. This is because they like chewing on various materials, including wood, paper, clothing, etc. For example, they gnaw into upholstered furniture to create a nest that cannot be found easily. Rodents also chew on electrical wires, which may lead to short circuits and fire.

Most homes and offices have plastic pipes, which rodents can chew on easily and lead to flooding within the property.
Mice can dig up and feed on crops in gardens; hence, they are known to be one of the biggest threats to crops before harvest.

Common Rodent Pest Species


Norway Rat

The Norway rat, also known as the common rat, is the largest of all rodent pest species. Brown in colour, these rats have a life span of about 9 to 12 months. They are usually active at night and are known to communicate through high-pitched vocalisation. These rats eat almost everything, including plants and animal matter.



Also known as the black rat, this rodent species is small in size. They have a life span similar to the Norway rats and are often found in build-up areas or near the coast. They can quickly enter buildings and roof voids thanks to their ability to climb high. They eat various foods, including grains, cereals, and fruit. These rats have grey, black or brown fur, a pointed nose, and pink feet.

House Mouse

House Mouse

Small in size, this species has a lifespan of 12 months. They are found in the indoor as well as outdoor areas of the property. They like to stay close to humans, which is why they are commonly found in homes and offices. They have brown or grey fur and large, hairy ears. They can feed on various things like grains, fruits, animal feed, etc.

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