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Every home and business property in Seaford faces a pest issue sometimes or other in a year. Some seasons may become favourable for flies, while others may attract mosquitoes to your property. However, no matter what’s your pest control requirements, Tom’s Pest Control team can help you whenever you want.

As a team of experienced pest control exterminators, we are dedicated to providing superior quality services. Our primary objective is to use the safest means possible to eradicate all types of pests from your place and help you with a healthy environment that ensures a high standard of living. In addition, we know what technique or chemical will suit which pest and can provide the most appropriate solution irrespective of the pest types and their infestation level.

It is generally seen that people assume a pest issue as a minor problem and consider them a part of their life. As a result, they rely on DIYs tactics more than on hiring a professional. It may help in some cases by offering temporary relief, but in most cases, it can worsen the pest issue.

Experiments show that some DIY hacks can harm more than do good. They may temporarily suppress the pest problem and increase it in the long run. If you have not got the desired result and have been fed up trying DIY techniques on different pests at your property, you got to our local experts. We guarantee positive results using customised pest control services.

    Leading Pest Control Melbourne

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we understand that pest control or removal is inconvenient but periodically necessary to ensure a quality environment. Most properties sometimes require this as a part of modern living and enjoy an Australian way of life.

    However, selecting an exemplary pest inspection service can be a challenging task. There is an oversupply of technical information that claims expertise and immeasurable superiority. It complicates matters for those looking for the best pest control services. But Tom’s Pest Control focuses on offering tangible benefits that can create the best pest control experience possible for all its customers.

    We offer:

    • Hassle-free pest control service

    • Fully insured and licensed experts

    • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

    • Clean, safe and discreet service

    • Appointments to suit your busy day

    • Unmatched industry experience

    • Payment convenience

    • Same day pest control for most cases

    Termite Pest Control Seaford

    Humidity increases during the warmer months in Melbourne. It encourages the activity of termites. Termites, also called White Ants, can cause significant damage to your property without timely treatment. Hence, it requires immediate attention.

    If you are concerned about weather and don’t want termites to invade your property, it is best to get a professional inspection of your property periodically. It will minimise the termite risk and damage. In addition, it will allow your expert to design an effective treatment plan, ongoing maintenance and monitoring service to safeguard your property from termite attack.

    The expert technicians at Tom’s Pest Control are highly trained, and the company has long years of experience and local knowledge in the termite aspects. For more information and advice, you can book our pest inspection service.

    Type Of Pests We Treat

    Melbourne is known for experiencing four seasons in a day. So, predicting what pest will be prevalent at which time of the year is challenging. However, being a local team, we can use our local weather knowledge and experience to remove annoying pests throughout Melbourne. As a result, you can rely on us for the following services:
    If you can’t find a particular pest that is troubling you, you can ring us to discuss the same. We will customise a suitable treatment for you.

    Warmer Weather Pests Seaford

    Because of our knowledge of the local conditions, we have been able to compile the following information. This information will help you to know what type of pests you are most likely to encounter around a particular time of year and what to expect from our services:


    The warmer months in Melbourne and its surroundings offer the perfect environment for ants. Although they can be more annoying than harmful, ants can present a health risk by transferring a range of bacteria and germs. They are commonly found in the pantry and the kitchen, which gives them the perfect atmosphere to multiply fast.

    If you leave these pests untreated, they can reach up to the thousands in number and cause additional issues with their nesting site in places they shouldn’t. Therefore, you can trust our experts to treat them with non-hazardous products. It will allow you to rest knowing your family, home, and pests are not at any health risk.


    Cockroaches are attracted to humid and warm climates. They require warmth and hydration to remain active. You will often find them in your kitchen or basement. They possess flat bodies, which make it possible for them to sneak under tight spaces easily.

    We apply modern professional cockroach elimination techniques to provide safe, fast, and effective service. The products and methods we use in cockroach treatment services are specially designed to suit the climatic conditions of Melbourne. Hence, in this way, we ensure that your environment is effectively free of these pests and for the longest time possible.

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    Cooler Weather Pests Seaford

    Some cooler weather pests that can attract your Seaford property are:


    It’s that time of the year when mice seek the comfort of our warm homes designed for the cooler months. They don’t keep to themselves on your roof but often like to spread themselves throughout your home, and office space, including your kitchen, dining room, or anywhere they can find food and shelter. In addition, they are incredibly swift, making it difficult to catch them and remove them from your property. That’s where the expert team at Tom’s Pest Control comes in to help you and save your environment.


    As the weather cools down in Melbourne and its nearby suburbs, rats seek solace in the security and warmth of your roofs. They can be prominently seen in the leafy suburban areas. You can identify them by the sound of scratching noises that usually comes from within the walls or ceiling during the night. Removing the rat population is essential to avoid damage to your property. It is something that our rat control specialist can handle professionally and without any hassle. Call us if you notice these critters have found a new home on your property.

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