The Ultimate Solar Panel Bird Proofing in Melbourne

Are you struggling with the invasion of birds and searching for bird control treatment or bird removal company options in Melbourne?

Birds play a crucial role in our ecosystem but can also be a significant issue. Birds depend on human habitats for several needs such as food, breeding, and to escape from predators. Most of these birds do not cause any disturbance to people. However, some bird species create a real nuisance for homeowners and businesses.

Bird proofing solar panels is vital as birds can cause physical damage to solar panels. Pigeons are known to roost on solar panels, and their droppings can etch the surface of the panels, causing permanent damage. In addition, birds can also create electrical hazards.

When they build nests on solar panels, they can block ventilation openings and create fire risks. The bird droppings can also degrade the performance of solar panels over time. Home and business owners can protect their investments and ensure they continue operating at peak efficiency by taking steps to bird proof solar panels.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we understand that birds can be a nuisance, especially when they start to roost on solar panels. We have qualified, experienced bird prevention specialists who can effectively proof your solar panels against pigeons and other birds. Our standardised procedures for bird proofing solar panels in Melbourne are designed to deter birds from landing and roosting on the panels.

We also offer a regular maintenance service to ensure your solar panels remain free of bird droppings and debris. If you’re concerned about birds damaging your solar panels, contact Tom’s Pest Control today.

We’ll happily provide you with a free quote for our bird proofing services.

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    Common Pest Birds Seen In Melbourne

    In Melbourne, businesses and residents often struggle with the following birds and choose us to protect their properties:
    • Seagulls
    • Starlings
    • Pigeons
    • Indian myna
    • House sparrow
    As a leading bird removal company with several years of experience, we are qualified and licensed to remove all pest bird species.

    Do you have any specific questions regarding your requirements and want to learn more? Talk to our bird netting and control specialists today.

    Bird Prevention Inspection

    One of the primary steps we take is the thorough inspection of your infected area. Our qualified bird control expert will visit your desired property at your convenience to confirm and study the bird infestation. The inspection will help you understand the type of birds you are dealing with, its characteristics, the damages caused by it, and much more.

    Our bird prevention specialists search for the birds’ nest, eggs, and all other factors around your property that attracts these birds. We believe in finding the root cause and working on customized plans to solve your problems.

    Bird Prevention Treatment Plan

    Tom’s Pest Control’s dedicated team will study the inspection findings and meticulously draft a practical and strategic bird proofing plan. You will be given a detailed plan of action that may include treatment procedure, deadline, guidelines for inhabitants, and the expected outcome.

    Our local bird control specialists will update you about the bird removal treatment procedure and answer all your queries before the treatment begins. If the treatment is required for pigeons, our dedicated local pigeon control specialist in Melbourne will assist you.

    Bird Control Removal Procedure

    Our team will execute the plan using high quality equipment for better results. At Tom’s Pest Control, we use various methods like solar panel bird proofing mesh, bird traps, bird spikes, shock tracks, shock tracks, and sound systems.

    Each case requires a different solution. Hence, we carefully pick the right bird control solutions to execute the procedure according to your needs.

    Ongoing Prevention Tips

    After removal, our technicians will provide prevention tips specific to your property and the type of pest bird. These tips will help you sustain your results after this one-time treatment.

    You have a significant role in controlling the bird population around your premises. You should:

    • Eliminate standing water around your property
    • Keep your areas clean and trash cans covered
    • Never try to feed pest birds
    • Maintain the yard and trim trees to reduce pest bird roosting
    • Clean gutters regularly to avoid standing water and bird nesting

    Superior Services Experience

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide our customers with quality services for better results that help us build a trustworthy long-term relationship. Some of the aspects that make us our customers’ choices are:
    • Quick same/next day service
    • Trained, certified, and highly experienced team of technicians
    • Family-friendly, safe pest control methods
    • Upfront quotes, competitive prices
    • Local pest control teams
    • Friendly, warm service experience
    • Hassle-free communication at every level
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
    Are you searching for specialists for bird removal from roofs or high-rise buildings? At Tom’s Pest Control, we have both equipment and expertise to fulfil many complex pest removal requirements.


    How Can Birds Damage My Property?

    Despite being a crucial part of our ecology, birds may seriously harm humans and property. Damages may compound and cost you money, whether you have a bird nesting in your house or too many birds living on your land.

    Birds typically construct nests within rain gutters and other drainage system components when they settle on your roof. When the drainage system is obstructed, snow, ice, and rain can accumulate on your roof and cause significant problems.

    Roofs under too much stress may cave in, but not before they fracture and require expensive repairs. Also, the acidity in bird droppings can damage HVAC systems, roofing, vehicles, and more. When the droppings corrode HVAC wiring and systems, they will inevitably malfunction or break down. When the droppings corrode rooftops, leaks and holes can appear.

    How Do We Pigeon-proof Your Solar Panels?

    Solar panels are becoming more and more popular among homeowners to reduce their power costs. However, when pigeons build a nest below your solar panels, they severely damage the panels and wiring, creating an unattractive mess on your roof. Consequently, it is necessary to pigeon-proof solar panels.

    Choosing our specialists to install your solar bird proofing means putting your faith in a business with years of experience. Our pest control specialists in your area are happy to help you discuss and share your concern about your pest issues.

    We can provide the quality treatments available while keeping our costs low. In addition, your solar panel pigeon proofing will be backed by Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne Service Guarantee to provide you peace of mind. If the treatment is unsuccessful, well, fix it for free. Waiting for pigeons to ruin your solar panels is a bad idea.

    How Do Bird Control Inspections Work?

    Following are the steps covered in bird control inspection on your property:

    • Identification of bird species will depend on your actions.
    • It’s crucial to comprehend that the term “infestation level” often refers to the flock or population size.
    • Detect the area where the birds have taken over. It is typical to locate several places on the property.
    • You can find the access equipment by correctly evaluating the place. Ladders, lifts, cranes, and scaffolding are examples of equipment.
    • Recognise any limitations that can cause your project to stop or be delayed.
    • You could be involved in initiatives that need specific permits, such as public access or even renovating historic structures.
    • Your pricing estimate, which will include labour time, travel costs, equipment rentals, material costs, and other ancillary costs, will be broken down with your site evaluation.

    What Is The Significance Of Solar Panel Bird Control?

    Your solar panel investment might be compromised if pigeons destroy the inside and outside components of the panels. In addition, high amounts of acidity found in pigeon droppings can harm the surface of your solar panels and erode cables.

    So, it’s crucial to use a solar panel bird control service. Our skilled and experienced bird control professionals at Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne successfully use bird-proof solar panels. Our standardised processes for bird-proofing solar panels aim to prevent birds from landing and roosting on the panels.

    We also provide routine maintenance services for further protection against bird poop and other debris on your solar panels. Don’t hesitate to contact Tom’s Pest Control if you are worried about birds harming your solar panels.

    Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Bird Mites?

    The worst that can happen from bird mites is a few nights of restless itching. However, it’s preferable to keep them hidden. Before removing any nesting birds from your property, keep an eye out for them and verify local wildlife rules.

    Physical eradication is the best line of action when attempting to get rid of mites in your house. You might want to try vacuuming or wet them with a cloth. To permanently rid your home of mites, you must remove the vacuum cleaner bag immediately.

    A safe insecticide that works well against mites is permethrin. It is safe for pets to be exposed to and is used for localised spot therapy.

    How Do Birds Control Pests?

    For their food and that of their young, birds eat insects, including mosquitoes, beetles, and moths. Insect larvae are highly protein-rich and are caught in large quantities by birds.

    Due to the prevalence of insects that prey on plants and animals, life would have been terrible without birds (from grains to human blood). This means that in natural systems, birds are essential for both lowering and sustaining insect populations.

    Being insectivorous, birds consume beetles, weevils, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and other insects. By bringing bluebirds to your property, you may effectively manage pests without the use of pesticides or additional expenses.

    Is Pest Control Safe For Birds?

    Even though using harsh pesticides to manage insect infestations may have solved one issue, they ultimately had terrible effects, and endangered birds were killed. However, with precise scientific technologies, we can now utilise medicines that target that particular insect while harmless to all other animals.

    When battling infestations, this is essential since, while you want to get rid of the bug, you also don’t want deadly and hazardous chemicals near your kids, pets, and the wonders of nature, like birds. However, you may use Control Bug Spray with confidence, knowing that you’re using a natural solution that eliminates pests and won’t harm your bird.

    Remember that using natural insecticides is beneficial for you, your pets, and not only your birds. Invest today.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons Around My Solar Panels?

    Bird mesh is one of the best methods for protecting residential solar systems from birds. Bird mesh wraps around the perimeter of the entire array and is designed to seal the space beneath your solar panels. It is attached directly to the panels.

    The least appealing solution for deterring birds is spiked, yet they are quite effective. Spikes discourage birds from perching on or near your solar panels long enough to build a nest or create a major mess.

    Although they appear old, plastic birds of prey are functional. For example, a fake owl can move convincingly and often enough to drive birds away if you invest in one with a head that swings in the wind. For solar panels, they make excellent pigeon guards.

    How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels In Australia?

    You may have to spend between $200 and $1500 to get your property pigeon proofed. However, the price may increase based on the number of solar panels in your system, the slope of your roof, the height of your home’s (or company’s) roof, and whether or not nests of birds need to be removed before installation.

    Our bird-proofing crew will evaluate your roof and solar panels in great detail when they arrive at a project. This inspection will enable us to provide you with a bird-proofing quotation and report that will include an estimate for the cost of pigeon-proofing solar panels.

    If you have pigeons beneath your solar panels and want to learn more about our pigeon-proofing solutions, call us now at (03) 9034 5957 or request a call back through our contact page.

    How Do I Keep Birds From Pooping On My Solar Panels?

    You will most frequently encounter robins, sparrows, crows, blackbirds, starlings, and mourning doves in and near your solar panels. However, you can take advantage of the fact that certain bird species are aware of keeping their distance from predatory birds, primarily hawks and owls.

    Most hardware and home supply stores sell plastic owls and hawks. The predator bird should be placed on your fence or a prominent limb of a neighbouring tree. Most hardware and home supply stores sell plastic owls and hawks. Birds will notice the fake predators and know to avoid the area.

    A variety of sound devices are available that are intended to keep birds away from solar panels. One of them generates a sound so high in pitch that humans cannot hear it but will frighten away birds.

    How Do I Stop Birds Nesting Under My New Solar Panels?

    Stainless steel bird spikes are the best way to stop birds from building nests. However, the additional strategies or solutions for bird protection will also be effective.

    Small, inexpensive mirrors placed in areas where birds frequently nest might effectively deter. Another option is to hang a long length of foil from trees or eaves so that it will reflect sunlight and attract a variety of birds. Finally, your home’s atmosphere will be less alluring to birds if you remove any areas with pooled water, such as birdbaths and pet water bowls.

    But keep in mind that the optimal time to implement bird control measures is when solar panels are newly installed or before nuisance birds start to appear.

    What Is The Best Deterrent For Birds?

    The Melnor Jet Spray is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the ultimate bird deterrent. Additionally, it works incredibly well as an animal deterrent. Use the Po eland Outdoor Laser, a high-quality bird repellent product, on your garden or patio to stop birds from dropping their waste all over the place.

    This device is a smart choice when it becomes dark out since it employs a laser to scare away birds. The RFLT-1 moves with the wind and uses a shine to dissuade any approaching birds. Chrome-plated plates that reflect light are this feature’s deterrent.

    Use the American DJ DMX 800W strobe light. It won’t accept much room and is built small.

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