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Professional Spider Control Melbourne

Australia is home to an extraordinary range of spider species, and some of them are known for their deadly bites. And you can’t take the spiders at your property lightly.

Do you see spider webs and want some professional spider control for your Melbourne property?

Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive spider control treatment services for Melbourne’s residential properties and commercial spaces to make their environment safe and look clean.

We offer tailored spider treatment services based on the type of spider at your property, the level of infestation, and other factors. Our treatment services also include long-term spider pest control strategies for your property.

Spider Control Treatment Melbourne | Wolf Spider Treatment Melbourne

Spider Species Found In Melbourne

In Melbourne, you may see the following species of spiders:
  • Wolf spiders
  • White tail spiders
  • Huntsman spiders
  • Black house spiders
  • Mouse spiders
  • Redback spiders
All of these spiders are poisonous and can be found on various areas of a building, including window corners, behind furniture, walls, sheds, and more. At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer specific treatment solutions for all these species.

It means that you get specific wolf spider treatment or black house spider control services, if required, based on the spider species and level of infestation.

Signs Of Spider Infestation

You can find the signs of spiders in both interior and exterior places. With the following signs, you can confirm that there is a spider infestation. You should then call Tom’s Pest Control for a spider treatment for your Melbourne property.
  • Do you see spider webs in your property, in ceilings, corners, or untouched walls? They are indications of spider infestation.
  • If you see bugs or insects at the property, chances are there that spiders may be living near them to prey on them.
  • Regularly inspect the least accessed areas of your property as you may able to see the movements of the spider to confirm the infestation.
From white tail spider treatment to huntsman spider treatment, we have greater expertise in creating individualised treatment services and ensuring complete control over the spider population.
Spider Control Treatment Melbourne | Wolf Spider Treatment Melbourne

Risks Of Spider Infestation

Spider infestation at your property needs immediate attention by a professional exterminator due to a number of reasons:
  • Spider bites may cause a number of health issues, including extreme pain, necrosis, respiratory issues, and more.
  • Spiders and webs indicate a less-maintained property, and it may look unattractive and unwelcoming for others.
  • Spiders trap other insects, which can often lead to another infestation at the property.
Spiders are highly vicious creatures that need proper, professional removal services if you want a healthy, safe environment at your property.
Spider Control Treatment Melbourne | Wolf Spider Treatment Melbourne

Spider Control Treatment

Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive spider control services. Our four-step service includes the following:

Spider Control Inspection

As soon as you contact us about your spider issues, our certified spider control specialists in Melbourne will come to your property to complete an inspection. During the inspection, we will identify the spider species present at your property, the characteristics of the spider, the extent of the infestation, various damaged parts of the property, and more.

Spider Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection, we will create a tailored pest spider control treatment plan to make your property free of spiders. The plan will include the treatment procedure, the timeline of the treatment, the expected results, and any instructions to the property’s occupants.

Before beginning with the treatment, we will update the treatment plan and ensure that you are receiving a fully transparent service from us.

Wolf Spider Extermination Procedure

Per the procedures outlined in the treatment plan, we will complete the extermination at your property. Based on the extent of spider infestation, we may use a chemical or non-chemical treatment procedure or a mix of both.

We use approved chemicals and insecticides to remove the spiders from your property that are safe for your children and pets to be near. The non-chemical procedures include spider traps, fumigation, and more.

Huntsman Spider Ongoing Prevention Tips

A one-time treatment may not give you lasting results if there are no ongoing prevention procedures. After completing the treatment, we will advise you with specific tips based on the infestation and the potential factors of your property that contribute to spider growth.


You will also find the following general techniques useful in controlling the spider population in and around your property:

  • Regularly clean the floors, walls, and hidden areas of your property and clear the clutter.
  • Plant trees and shrubs away from the property and regularly trim the excess leaves and branches.
  • Use flyscreens on windows and weather strips on doors to control the entry of spiders.
  • Inspect the property for spider infestation on a regular basis.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

We are the pioneer of the pest control industry of Melbourne in introducing the latest techniques and utilising new technology. The following characteristics make our services ideal for the homeowners and businesses of Melbourne:
  • Same/next day spider removal services
  • APCA and TAFE-certified spider control technicians
  • Safe, hassle-free extermination services
  • Local spider extermination teams
  • Upfront quotes, comprehensive prices
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee
Spider Control Treatment Melbourne | Wolf Spider Treatment Melbourne

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