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We at Tom’s Pest Control Templestowe can help you take back the control of your property by offering a variety of pest control services. We guarantee to get rid of termites, ants, rodents, birds, and other pests from your property and make you able to enjoy your life without any worry of unwanted guests.

Don’t delay for a day if you notice some kind of pests in your home or office. The situation can become worse and out of control, so you need an expert to remove pests from your place.

We are helping the residents of Templestowe for the last several years to wipe out all kinds of bugs. We have a team of fully licensed and professional pest control technicians for your home and business and give you peace of mind.

We first discuss your pest problem, evaluate the situation, inspect the property, and plan the treatment without affecting the health of your loved ones.

    Comprehensive Pest Control Services Templestowe

    We are committed to creating a safe environment for you and make your everyday life easier without pest problems. We also take care of proper hygiene while providing control solutions to our Templestowe clients. We are dedicated to providing a solution-focused treatment that not only keeps you from illness but also improves productivity at your workplace.

    Termite Control Templestowe

    Termite and other similar pests can infest the wood of your property and business and can cause severe damage to the property which might be quite expensive to repair.

    We use several methods for Templestowe termite control based on the level of termite existence in your property. We also use the method that can remove the live termite colony that is infesting your place and this method also help in preventing it from coming back. We take care of all aspects while planning a termite control solution for your problem.

    Ant Control

    Have you spotted a big line of ants marching towards your kitchen or another part of your Templestowe property? If yes, then it means something is wrong that needs to be resolved immediately. We will safeguard your property against the ants’ attack and keep your place healthy.

    Simply call us to discuss your problem with one of our Templestowe ant pest control professionals. We use safer and environmentally friendly way to get rid of ants from your home. You can rely on our services and keep your home and office safe from ants.

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    Cockroach Control

    If you are observing that cockroaches are becoming a matter of concern in your home or office, you must not wait more and call us today. We offer affordable and effective cockroach control services in Templestowe a safe and professional way. Our team has extensive experience in controlling cockroaches from any kind of property.

    Before starting the work, we perform an inspection to determine the species of cockroach and create the treatment plan accordingly. We use non-irritant and odourless cockroach control products. Also, give you preventive measures as well.

    Rodent Control Templestowe

    Most of the spiders are harmless, but some spider species contain significant risks to you with their venomous bite. If you are worried about spiders’ existence on your property, then it is best to treat them with professional spider pest control technicians. We perform safe and most suitable solutions to eradicate spiders from your home or office.

    We also provide advice on how to prevent them from happening again and keep your property free from spiders. We use environmentally friendly products to remove spiders and ensure to make the treatment plan by keeping in mind the kids and pets in your home.

    Moth Control Templestowe

    Though moth does not harm people and pets directly, it brings a serious cause to your assets like furniture, food, clothes, and other things in your property. So, it becomes important to eliminate moth existence as soon as possible. We conduct an inspection and prepare a moth control treatment plan to get effective results.

    Make your home and office pest-free using our professional moth pest control treatment service Templestowe.

    Professional Commercial Pest Control Templestowe

    We provide a wide range of commercial pest control services to fits the needs of each client. Though pest invasions are a common issue throughout the world, we need to resolve the pest problems as soon as possible and protect our property from any kind of damage.

    Pests can be found in your office, restaurant, school, medical centre, and all business premises. Do you know that these pests in your business can ruin its reputation? Are you ever imagined that what would happen if a customer notices any kind of pests at your workplace?

    Obviously, he will doubt safety and hygiene at your place. So, never let someone think negatively about your business because of pests.

    Simply, get our Templestowe commercial pest control services and keep your place clean, safe, and healthy.

    • Termite Extermination
    • Bird Control
    • Termination of Rodents
    • Spider Control
    • Moth Control
    • Rodent Control
    • Ant Control
    • Cockroach Control

    Use Standard Products

    We are committed to performing all kinds of pests’ treatments by professional and licensed pest control technicians. We follow the safety and health standards and guarantee to use only the highest quality products to treat your pest problem in Templestowe. We are here to help you get safe and ecological treatment for your pest problem.

    Customised Service Plan

    We understand that each business carries some sort of pest invasion risks and know what areas are most effective by them. We plan a customised pest control service to set up protection around your Templestowe property so that pests remain unable to hit your business in any way. We perform our job without disrupting your business operations.

    Affordable Pest Control

    We do not just emphasise providing effective pest control treatment Templestowe for your commercial property but aim to provide an affordable solution to our clients. We are known for offering affordable pest control services in Templestowe. We ensure to get the best value for your money.

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