What You Should Know Before Getting Termite Treatment?

Termites are dangerous insects that feed off wood and wires. It is essential to eliminate them to protect your safety. In addition, they can cause severe property damage that will need costly repairs. It is why termites are usually treated by hiring Professional Pest Control Services. 

Although termites are often eliminated from homes using DIY methods, most effective termite control methods are better performed by professionals.

Four Prerequisites to Meet Before Getting Termite Treatment

It is much simpler to obtain professional termite treatment when you do a few things before they arrive at the site. Adherence to all safety guidelines when making these arrangements is recommended. 

  • Create a Termite Infestation Note

Begin by noting the locations at which the termites were discovered. Then, please note any areas where you think they could exist. It would help if you handed the note to certified technicians on their arrival during inspection time. The information you provide the technicians will help them assess the severity of the infestation and determine the best treatment.

  • Be Sure to Clean Your Place 

Cleanliness helps the technicians to locate and remove the termites easily. Before they arrive, remove all the dust, webs and other objects near the infested area. Removing furniture and appliances from the space would also help them greatly.

  • Secure the Food Items

Removing or securely storing any food items is essential to ensure a successful termite treatment. Do away with any food, drink or other products that may be a magnet for termites. It will prevent termites from infesting other areas of your house and ensure that your food items are safe.

  • Temporarily Relocate Pets

Treatment for termites may require using specific chemicals that can irritate your pets. Even if the product is safe for pets, your pet may be disturbed by strangers in your home. Pets who cause a stir around certified technicians could be distracting, so it is recommended to relocate them for a short time.

How Do Pest Control Services Offer Effective Termite Treatments?

The lifespan of termite control methods will be prolonged when you employ the correct techniques. A termite barrier not constructed correctly could not effectively keep termites out for long durations. Therefore, professional termite inspectors and technicians in such cases will remove the termites using the following techniques.

  • Termite Dust 

It is among the most well-known methods of eliminating termites from outdoor or indoor areas. While obtaining results from this method can be more time-consuming (3 weeks), it can help to safeguard your critical assets. However, the termite dust treatment may not be as effective with excessive termites or humid conditions.

  • Termite Foams

Termite foam is another helpful method to remove termites from homes. It is a good option when termites invade the wall cavity. Termite foam is also used to treat termites spread across vast areas. It is important to note that termite foam treatments can take up to three weeks to show full effect.

  • Termite Baits

The most efficient and effective method to eliminate various species of termites in huge numbers is to employ termite baits. In this method, the termites will carry the slow-acting insecticide compound inside the bait into their nest. After the nest’s queen is removed, the remaining nest mates will be driven away as time passes.

  • Liquid Termite Barriers

It’s sometimes referred to as Termite Soil treatment, which safeguards the property from underneath the ground. The method involves digging and pouring termite control chemicals into the soil. After that, the ground is again covered with a layer of soil. 

The liquid barriers method is only suitable if your home’s boundary is not at odds with another construction. Still, it remains to be the most effective of all other options.

Common Issues When Performing Liquid Termite Treatments

As we’ve said, the soil treatment for termite removal can fail when the boundary is breached. Similarly, the effectiveness of the chemical termite barrier is also affected by several other elements, which are described as follows:

  • Construction Slabs

Concrete slabs are an excellent option for building liquid termite barriers and supporting construction. But the case is the opposite when the construction is built on piers, split levels, or sloped blocks. 

  • Construction with Flaws

A vacant joint that isn’t treated between three or two concrete slabs is the most apparent illustration of faulty construction. Unfortunately, such joints are usually constructed in older houses and can be difficult to fill without costly repairs. Hence, to prevent the deterioration of such structures, it’s best to employ termite bait solutions.

  • Soil and Other Problems

The termite barrier of liquid may fail if the structure is constructed on clay soil or soil with significant gravel content. Termite baits are, therefore, the best option for these types of sites. Termite baits can also be effective in construction sites that aren’t in good shape. 

Final Words

Most customers who obtain professional pest control services are known to lead happier lives than those choosing bunnings treatments. The differentiator is pretty simple – professional pest control Melbourne will always offer reliable results without ever endangering your safety whatsoever. 

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