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Are various kinds of pests attacking your property in Windsor? Do you wish to remove them permanently from your home or office? If yes, come to Tom’s Pest Control!

We are an expert in treating residential, commercial, and industrial properties for different kinds of pests. At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians that can remove any type of pests from your property in a safe and efficient manner.

Pest Control Services We Provide?

Pests attack your property,damage its structure, spread diseases and affect the environment.Removing them completely from your home or office is important, which is why we offer a range of treatments including:

Our Four-Step Procedure for Eradicating Pests


At first,our technicians will inspect your property to prepare a detailed report on the types of pests invading your home, the amount of damage done, etc.With the use of modern tools and techniques, our experts will carefully examine the level of infestation at your property and discuss all the problems with you.


The next step is to design a tailored treatment plan for your property depending on the findings. The plan will include details on the exact procedure for the treatment, the time required, expected outcome, etc.

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Our trained technicians will then carry out the procedure as described in the report. Every step will be executed carefully to ensure satisfactory results.


Our treatment alone cannot provide permanent results against pest infestation. This is why we will give you some specific tips to control and prevent pest infestation in future.

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