Pest Control Essendon

Problems related to pests and their presence in your environment can make you stressed, leading to bad health effects. Their prolonged presence in your surroundings, identified as an infestation, can also bring adverse health problems. So, if you’re troubled by such issues, get leading pest treatments in Essendon.

We are a recognised name for providing effective pest control solutions, which can also help you save on house repair expenses.

Pest infestations usually cause irreparable property damage apart from being responsible for causing respiratory problems. Together, such issues can steal the happiness of your homes, but not when you have Tom’s Pest Control at your service.

Our trained pest control experts can remove all types of pest infestations, including ants, cockroaches, moths, spiders, wasps, termites, rodents, etc. The professional pest control technicians at Tom’s Pest Control will thoroughly inspect your property for any signs of pests and recommend you the best possible pest control treatment that suits your budget.

    Termite Pest Control Essendon

    Do you need Termite Control solutions in Essendon immediately? Are you worried about your family’s safety and want to get relief from termites? Tom’s Pest Control can offer you the best termite removal treatments because we are one phone call away!

    Don’t let termites steal the joy of living in your home when you can contact our team to remove them. We are available 24/7 to provide dependable termite control and prevention solutions. Our team will make sure Termites never infest your homes again.

    Our Termite Control and Prevention Essendon Solutions are also available for commercial spaces. Whether you run a hospital, a business, or a cafe, termites can cause you significant losses, especially to the establishment. Why spend on property repairs when you can remove the termites at affordable rates by booking Tom’s Pest Control Service today!

    Pest Control Treatments & Services We Offer in Essendon

    We are nationally known for offering dependable and best-in-class pest control treatments and services. You can contact our team to get rid of all types of pests, termites and other trespassing creatures from your properties. Our team will ensure to provide correct pest control measures that are also eco-friendly so your kids and pets can breathe easy.

    Commercial Termite & Pest Control in Essendon

    Our Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Essendon can also be booked for Commercial Spaces and Corporate needs. We can provide it all at competitive prices, from generalised Pest and Termite Removal to Complete Prevention Treatments.

    It helps to regularly have your business premises treated with pest control to protect the safety of your customers and employees. Moreover, our pest removal treatments can restore the sanctity of your premises, making them look cleaner and hygienic.

    Another benefit of hiring our services is that our team will offer you 24/7 pest control support. We can train your employees to follow specific safety protocols. You can also hire us to install special pest removal equipment on your floor and industrial spaces.

    Why Choose Tom's Pest Control in Essendon?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we take matters of safety & cleanliness seriously. It aligns with our aim to provide a safe, pest-free environment for residential and commercial properties.

    Hence, our team of technicians are trained to adhere to all the industry norms. You can bet they will follow the complete precautions as necessary. Their years of experience and alert eyes can quickly spot the root causes of pest and termite infestations.

    For advanced inspection, we also carry special equipment like thermal cameras, moisture meters, etc., to offer you the best service for your complete satisfaction. Our pest exterminators will also make sure that your belongings are never harmed under any circumstances.

    Safety First

    We would never use substances that can damage your property, assets or the well-being of your near ones.

    All cleaning materials that we use are certified, environmentally safe and non-toxic to pets. At the same time, for specific pest removal treatments like fumigation, etc., you can be assured that we will follow the correct conduct to prevent widespread infections and diseases.

    Industry-Leading Treatments

    Our team uses modern techniques to offer you the best and nothing less. Its use can save you hundreds of dollars while offering you a hassle-free experience.

    The clever application of our solutions may involve using heavy machinery and any latest tools that we have for ensuring pest problems are a thing of the past for you and your neighbourhood.

    Enquire Now

    If you’re looking for professional and reliable pest control contact us today on (03) 9034 5957 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you immediately. We are the experts in environmentally friendly pest control.

    Emergency Termite/Pest Control

    Please feel free to contact us at any time to obtain Emergency Pest Control treatments in Essendon or its suburbs. Our teams of APCA and TAFE certified pest control technicians would effectively save your commercial and residential premises from any and all forms of pest infestation.

    You can also prevent paying penalties on your properties for violating state laws by hiring us to remove all forms of pests and animals.

    Dependable Solutions

    Our emergency pest treatments can help you return to your business or personal spaces without disturbing your lifestyle. By obtaining our help to remove pests, termites, ants, insects, etc., you’re investing in your peace of mind.

    You can be assured that our treatments will have a long-lasting effect because we will remove all the causes that invite pests near you.

    Licenced, Insured Operations

    We offer fully licensed and fully insured pest control services to our customers, so they need not worry about anything.

    Friendly, Hassle-Free Service

    We believe in offering a convenient and hassle-free service experience to our customers, which is why we are always ready to answer all of your questions.

    Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

    We wish to satisfy all our customers with our high-quality services. If you aren’t happy or satisfied with our service, you can get in touch with us and we can help you again.


    Wonderful service. I called in the morning for an appointment that night without a problem. Paul was beyond accommodating and Neel was really polite, informative and transparent.

    Expert Pest Control Essendon That You Can Rely On

    Say NO to pest issues when you can book experts with one call! Get Tom’s Pest Control Essendon team to solve your worries. Call us today on (03) 9034 5957 to get a free quote and special discounts!