What Is Funnel Web Pest Control In Melbourne?

Funnel-web spiders are one of the most dangerous arachnids indigenous to Australia, with approximately 40 different species spread across two distinct genera: Hadronyche and Atrax. These spiders possess powerful fangs, capable of penetrating the skin.

All funnel-web spider genus exhibits similar behaviours – slow moving, adaptable and nocturnal — and their venom is known to be highly toxic if not treated properly, leading in some cases to coma or even death. It is crucial then that anyone living in or visiting an area where funnel-web spiders may inhabit take suitable precautions.

Funnel-web spiders have a medium to large size, and their body length varies from 1-5cm. Female spiders are heavier than males, and both are black to brown in colour. These spiders have a sparsely haired and glossy hard carapace covering their front body. Moreover, this species has closely grouped eyes, a lower lip studded with blunt spikes, and four spinnerets.

Funnel-web spiders prefer to live in moist conditions; hence, they are found in the forest areas of the east coast and highlands of Australia. They are primarily spotted in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania.

Avoiding a Spider Bite

You can adopt safety measures to protect yourself from a spider bite. It is recommended to wear gloves when gardening or handling garbage. Also, when moving out of the house during the night, you must wear covered footwear. Do not leave clothes, toys or indoor furniture outside the home as this may become a resting place for the spiders or other pests.

Spiders living on the grounds can enter homes and commercial properties after rains and during excavation (when their habitat gets disturbed) and breeding season (in search of a mate). In addition, male funnel web spiders travel long distances searching for a partner. Hence, the chances of them entering your property are higher.

What To Do If You Are Bit by A Funnel Web Spider?

Funnel-web spiders are known to be overly aggressive. Hence, it is best to leave them alone if you encounter them. They may attack you if they feel threatened. In the case of a bite, taking quick action is essential.

You should use a pressure bandage immediately after the bite. Ensure to wrap the limb tightly, beginning from the bite and binding the entire limb above. This will help reduce muscle movement and keep the venom from spreading rapidly to other body parts. Though funnel webs are known to be dangerous, serious bites are rare.

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What Are the Characteristics of Funnel Web Spiders?

Funnel-web spiders range from one to five cms in length. They are dark black or brown and have shiny heads and thoraces. Female spiders have shorter legs and a more prominent brown or bluish abdomen than male spiders. These spiders also have small eyes that are closely grouped. They are one of the most dangerous spider species in the world.

What Do Funnel Web Spiders Eat?

Female funnel-web spiders can live for up to 20 years. Mostly seen during tree felling, excavation, or landscaping work, these spiders eat insects and small vertebrates like lizards and frogs. The female funnel web Spiders mostly spend their lives inside the burrow and only come out to grab passing prey.

Can They Harm My Pets?

The poison of funnel web spiders can affect the nervous system of humans, but they are harmless to domestic animals and pets.