What Is Australian Cockroaches?

Australian cockroaches undoubtedly stand out due to their unique and colourful exteriors. Though they can be mistaken for American cockroaches at first glance, these critters are slightly larger and like living outdoors more than inside.

Due to their preference to the outdoors, it’s likely that they will enter your property in search of food or shelter. It is best to prevent them from getting close by making sure your property is well maintained and kept sealed up when possible.

German Cockroaches

Adult German Cockroaches

Baby German Cockroaches

Baby German Cockroaches Around Egg Case

Juvenile German Cockroaches

Juvenile German Cockroaches

Australian cockroaches measure 1 to 1.5 inches in length and are primarily brown. Many times, they are mistaken for American cockroaches because of their colour. However, their distinctive yellow accents make it easier to distinguish them. Females and males both have a pair of appendages known as cerci. But the males have an extra pair of tiny appendages known as styli.

These cockroaches take about a year to grow into adults from eggs. However, their average lifespan is four to six months. Female cockroaches lay egg cases that contain about 24 eggs each. They prefer to lay eggs in moist and sheltered areas like damp wood. When the eggs are ready to hatch, the females hide the egg cases in a difficult-to-reach location.

Baby cockroaches of this species moult multiple times as they grow until they develop their wings. Then, in about 6 to 12 months, the baby cockroaches reach adulthood and begin to produce their eggs.

Habitat and Diet of Australian Cockroaches

These cockroaches live outdoors in colonies. Since they require a warm temperature to survive, they move indoors if the temperature drops too low. They can often be spotted in areas with high humidity like tree barks, wood piles, etc. If they enter your home, you will see them near food and water sources like sinks, bathtubs, drains, etc.

Dangers to Humans

Australian cockroaches like to stay outdoors, and while they are out there, they may eat feces, garbage, and other dirty things. They also live in unpleasant areas and carry bacteria on their feet. If they enter your home with all these bacteria, they will likely spread them on your kitchen counters, dishes, and uncovered food.

If you eat contaminated food or cook on dirty counters, you and your family will likely contract diseases. These cockroaches also produce allergens that make them more harmful to your family. In addition, there’s a possibility that these pests cause skin irritation, sneezing, and trouble breathing because of their droppings and moulted skins.

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How Can I Tell the Difference Between Australian and American Cockroaches?

Australian cockroaches look similar to American roaches because of their size and shape. Both species have wings and are primarily brown or reddish brown. However, the one thing that makes it easy to differentiate between the two is that the Australian roaches have bright yellow stripes along their wings.

What Do Baby Australian Cockroaches Look Like?

Australian cockroach babies, also known as nymphs, are smaller than adults and have no wings. However, they have noticeable yellow splotches along their backs. These coloured patches become more pronounced as they grow.

Can Australian Cockroaches Fly?

These cockroaches have fully developed wings that allow them to fly quickly. These pests aren’t attracted to lights like some other cockroaches, but they use their wings to fly if they sense danger or move short distances to find food.