What Is Brown Banded Cockroaches?

Brown-banded cockroaches are invasive cockroaches that get their name from their dark brown bodies with two light brown bands. These bands appear across the wings of adults and baby cockroaches both.

Brown-banded cockroaches take shelter in homes and can be found near kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and behind photo frames. The lifespan of this species is about 206 days. Though these critters are nocturnal, they can still be found on the move during the day.

German Cockroaches

Adult German Cockroaches

Baby German Cockroaches

Baby German Cockroaches Around Egg Case

Juvenile German Cockroaches

Juvenile German Cockroaches

The brown-banded cockroaches are dark brown and have two light brown bands. Females have a darker colour in comparison to males. Most adult roaches grow to be about ½ inch long.

The male cockroaches have full wings that go beyond their abdomen’s pointed tip, whereas the females have underdeveloped wings that do not allow them to fly. The brown-banded cockroaches are oval and have 6 legs and 2 antennae.

Brown-banded cockroaches undergo 3 growth phases that begin with an egg. A female roach can deposit 18 eggs into an egg capsule, also known as ootheca. She carries the ootheca on her back for about 24 to 36 hours, after which she attaches it in hiding spots on your furniture, shelves, and ceilings.

Temperature plays a significant role in the life cycles of these creatures. Based on the temperature, a baby cockroach or nymph can mature anywhere from 80 to 124 days. After this phase, a roach may live for another 60 days.

The brown banded cockroach is a surprisingly adaptive creature that has many different habitats. They are typically found in warm and humid climates, often making themselves at home inside or underneath furniture, electronics and appliances.

One common hotspot for these pests is below benchtops as there is usually a convenient food source, relative darkness and the opportunity for warmth that this small creature needs to survive. These small organisms have also been known to live within cracks and crevices of machines such as coffee makers, toasters, dishwashers, tables and chairs – the possibilities are endless.

To prevent infestations, it’s always best to keep a tidy home and properly clean appliances before usage.

Dangers to Humans

Brown-banded cockroaches can ruin your leftovers, get into your closets, and take over your
cabinets. Since these critters eat fabric and paper, your furniture and clothes aren’t safe in their presence. In addition, these roaches can be a source of spreading foodborne diseases and drug-resistant bacteria. Also, their moulted skins and droppings can trigger allergies.

Signs of an Infestation

Brown-banded cockroach infestations can be challenging to identify. However, the presence of their droppings can be a primary indicator of their existence. Their droppings look like black specks or smears found in areas where the roach spends a lot of time.

You may also find yellow colour egg cases laid in hidden spaces of your home. Another common sign of an infestation is seeing the roaches themselves. If you find one brown-banded cockroach, there are chances of more on your property.

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Do Brown Banded Cockroaches Fly?

While males and females have wings, only the male brown-banded cockroaches can fly. The wings of male roaches are long and extend beyond the tip of their abdomens, allowing them to fly quickly.

Can Brown Banded Cockroaches Trigger Allergies?

The nymphs of brown-banded cockroaches moult their skin, and this discarded skin can trigger a reaction in people who are sensitive to allergens. They may lead to itchy eyes and sneezing and make a person uncomfortable. At times, the droppings of these critters may also cause allergic reactions.

How Do These Cockroaches Enter Homes?

This species prefers warm temperatures to survive. Hence, they will likely enter a property searching for a cosy shelter. These critters enter homes when you bring in infested furniture, food products, grocery items and electronics. It is common for them to be found in living areas that have plenty of access to food and hiding places.