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Possums are an indigenous species that don’t cause any direct harm to humans and always prefer to stay away from people. However, they can significantly affect the health of humans in a number of ways.

Do you see any signs of possum near your property and are searching for professional possum removal services in Melbourne?

Tom’s Pest Control offers tailored same-day possum removal services based on the level of pest infestation and the intensity of any damage that has been incurred.

With standardised pest removal services and certified, experienced possum specialists, we became the number one choice for possum trapping services with humane handling.

Why Is Possum Removal Services Required?

Possum infestation around your property can have more widespread impacts than you might expect. The following reasons will tell you why possums can affect your health and create financial problems:
  • The droppings of possums have bacteria that can trigger flesh-eating ulcers in humans.
  • Exposure to possum droppings can leave people with a long-term functional disability.
  • In rural and semi-urban localities, possums prefer to live in trees. However, when it comes to urban areas, they try to make their home on roofs and can damage the roof tiles.
  • If they access your home, they will try to eat whatever they want, tear the ductwork and insulation, leave stains and pungent odours, and more.
  • In many cases, possums may become aggressive to your pets and often carry fleas and ticks from outside.
Do you know that it’s illegal to kill a possum in Australia and extreme care is needed when removing it? Possums have sharp teeth, and they may try to defend themselves while trapping them. Therefore, you should never try to remove the possum yourself. Also, you can’t remove ringtail possums without a permit. At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer emergency possum removal services as soon as you need it.

The Possum Removal Treatment Process

Tom’s Pest Control has a standardised procedure for everything related to possum services. We offer same-day possum removal services as well as dead possum removal in Melbourne. We coordinate with wildlife departments and ensure the smooth removal of the pest from your property.

As a trusted group of possum catchers in Melbourne, we have a four-step procedure to remove the pests from your property.

Possum Removal Services Inspection

Immediately after receiving your request, our trained and certified possum catchers will visit your property to analyse the possible habitats of the animal around your home. We will also identify the level of infestation, the extent of any damage they have caused, the possible risks to you and your property due to the infestation, the entry points, and more.

We will also confirm the type of possum present at your property. The two common types of species you can observe in Melbourne are brushtail and ringtail possums.

Possum Removal Plan

Based on the inspection, we will create a tailored same-day possum removal service for the possums around your property. The plan will include the removal procedures, the timeline of the procedure, various approvals required from the government, and more.

We have a dedicated research and support team to analyse the behavioural habits of possums and take care of the legal issues.

Possum Removal Process

As outlined in the removal plan, our DELWP-licensed possum removal technicians will catch the pests from your property without causing any stress to them. We generally use cage traps, made from wire mesh, to trap possums. We will check the cages every day in the early morning and are released as per the guidelines of Wildlife Australia.

Ongoing Prevention

In addition to the removal, ongoing prevention is also important in controlling possums in your surroundings. With the following steps, you can deter the pests from entering your property zone:

  • Install plastic barriers around trees to stop them from climbing trees
  • Enclose all the holes that give access for the pest to the property
  • Spikes on fences to control their movement
  • Netting over edible plants and fruit trees
  • Tightly securing pet foods

Our possum control technicians can help you to create a potential barrier around your property to limit future infestations.

Why Hire Tom’s Pest Control For Possum Removal?

We offer the best possum removal in Melbourne for businesses and homeowners with the following characteristics:
  • DELWP-licensed, experienced, and insured possum removal technicians
  • Same/next day emergency services
  • Safe, stress-free, accredited services
  • Upfront quotes, comprehensive prices
  • Local possum trapping service teams
  • Friendly, seamless service experience
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Do you have more questions or need expert guidance on possum removal? Find pest control near your suburb and Contact Tom’s Pest Control today and let our technicians know about your requirements. We are committed to giving a transparent service experience, and you will get an obligation-free quote for your possum control needs before choosing our services.
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