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In search of a trustworthy pest control agency? Come to Tom’s Pest Control!

Tom’s Pest control provides a wide range of pest control services and treatments to remove unwanted pests from your properties. When you book pest control services with us, all you can expect is quality treatment and exceptional care for your property. With the use of modern tools and techniques, our experienced technicians carry out treatments in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Four-Stage Pest Control Procedure

We follow a four-stage procedure to completely clear your home of pests.


Our technicians first inspect the property thoroughly to check the level of infestation, types of pests, amount of damage, etc. Every nook and corner of the area is examined to detect even hidden pest attacks. All the information collected during the inspection is documented, so it becomes easy for our team to decide the next course of action.

Pest Control Treatment Plan

The document containing all the findings is studied thoroughly to come up with a tailored treatment plan for your property. The plan includes complete details of the treatment like its procedure, timeline, expected outcome, etc.

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Extermination Procedure

Depending on the treatment plan, our pest control specialists will carry out the services at your property. The treatment procedures will be carried out in the safest and most efficient manner for you to gain 100% satisfactory results.

Preventive Measures

Though our pest control treatments and services will give you great results; there are still chances of future infestation. To avoid this, our team will share preventive measures and tips with you, so you can follow them and keep your home free of pests forever.

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Your property is the most important asset and keeping it protected from pests is essential. Placing the responsibility of cleaning your home or office of pests in safe hands of Tom’s Pest Control is a wise decision. Our team of professional pest technicians are trained to not just treat the pest problem but also identify its root cause. They will take the time and efforts to understand the problem, recommend the right treatment and provide tips on how to reduce pests in and around your property.


Wonderful service. I called in the morning for an appointment that night without a problem. Paul was beyond accommodating and Neel was really polite, informative and transparent.

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