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Termidor, the world’s leading termite-eliminating termiticide, has been developed by BASF, a distinguished company in the field. Unlike other termite barrier treatments of the past, which only repelled termites on the surface, Termidor revolutionized the termite control industry by providing a non-repellent chemical solution that goes undetected on the ground.

When Termidor is applied as a termite barrier, it forms an invisible and impenetrable shield around your home or building, thwarting any termite invasion plans. Unbeknownst to the termites, they unknowingly pass through the treated area of the Termidor barrier, coming into contact with the powerful ingredient fipronil. Within 5 to 18 days, these termites become infected and unknowingly spread the infection throughout the colony, resulting in a devastating domino effect through grooming and cannibalization.

With Termidor’s unparalleled Transfer Effect, the wide-ranging termite colony in your property will ultimately be eradicated, providing you with long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

How Long Is The Effectivity Of Termidor?

Termidor, installed as a safeguard against termite infestation, offers eight years of protection for your home or building. To ensure the efficacy of the 8-year Termidor guarantee, Toms Pest Control recommends conducting annual termite inspections as an added security measure. These inspections help identify and correct any conducive conditions or unforeseen events that may weaken the treated zones.

Conducive Conditions Include:

  1. Moisture: Termites are attracted to areas with moisture, such as hot water system drip tubes or aircon system drip tubes dripping on wall edges.
  2. Landscaping alterations
  3. Mulch against wall edges or treated areas
  4. Drainage problems

By addressing any conducive conditions, you can maintain the applicability of the 8-year warranty.


When Termidor is installed on your property by an accredited pest control company, it comes with a two-million-dollar structural warranty. This warranty demonstrates confidence in Termidor’s superior quality and ensures you receive a genuine product, not an inferior copycat from China.


Here’s How The Warranty Process Works:

  1. After the complete installation of the Termidor termite barrier, you will receive all the necessary certifications and batch numbers for the warranty.
  2. Within two weeks, you will receive the final warranty certificate for your possession.

Termidor Price and Treatment Details:

Determining The Price:

Several factors influence the cost of a Termidor treatment, including:

  1. Home or building construction type.
  2. Soil type (Clay soils may require more Termidor).
  3. Concrete paths (Calculations differ due to varying soil quantities under concrete).

Average Termite Treatment Cost:

The price for termite treatments depends on the treated area and its size. The average cost ranges from $800 to $3000 for most homes.

Specific Treatment Costs:

  • Termidor White ant treatments: $195 to $300.
  • Termidor foam treatments: $800 to $1200.
  • Termidor active nest treatment: $220 to $500.

Free Site Evaluation:

Contact us for a no-obligation site visit and evaluation to receive a personalized Termidor installation quote.

Effectivity of Termidor:

Termidor typically takes 5 to 18 days to address termite infestations effectively. This timeframe allows the Transfer Effect to occur, leading to the complete elimination of the termite colony. Afterwards, any future termite colonies attempting to forage into the treated zone will also be eliminated within 5 to 18 days.

Purchasing Termidor:

Authentic Termidor can only be acquired through accredited pest control operators. Beware of black market generic duplicates found online. To ensure the correct usage and application, an authorized pest company must install Termidor. Trained technicians equipped with specialized tools, pumps, and injection rods will guarantee the success of your treatment in the infected area.

Considerations for Successful Treatment:

The existing construction design of your home or building and the soil types play a significant role in achieving effective Termidor treatment. Our trained technicians at Safeguard possess the expertise to analyze and determine which homes and buildings, with their specific soil types, are ideal candidates for Termidor treatment.

Termidor Termite Treatment Process:

At Toms Pest Control, our highly trained technicians follow a specific method for Termidor termite treatment. Here is a breakdown of our process:

  1. Trenching: Our technicians dig a trench around the property, going 75 mm below the footing. This trench serves as a barrier against termite intrusion.
  2. Perimeter Treatment: We inject Termidor into the perimeter tiled areas and concrete areas around the wall edge of the property. This ensures thorough treatment of these crucial areas.
  3. Application of Termidor: Using a petrol-powered high-pressure/low-volume Honda Nova pump, we apply Termidor to the trenched areas. We consistently apply 10 litres of Termidor per meter. The dugout soil serves as backfilling, maintaining the integrity of the trench. We stir the emulsion during the application to create a uniformly treated zone.
  4. Injection under Pathways and Driveways: We use specialist injection rods to disperse Termidor effectively beneath the path or driveway slabs. This ensures even treatment around the property. A high-pressure injection method is employed for concrete areas, depositing 10 litres of Termidor per meter.
  5. Neat and Professional Finish: Our technicians plug small drill holes using colour-matched plugs to complete the job with a polished look. This attention to detail ensures a visually appealing result.
  6. Quantity of Termidor: On average, a home requires approximately 70 linear meters of treatment. This equates to 700 litres of Termidor injection.

  7. Warranty and Maintenance: When a Termidor-accredited company carries out the installation, we offer an 8-year warranty, subject to the required annual checkup.

At Toms Pest Control, we take pride in our effective and professional termite treatment process, ensuring long-lasting protection against termite infestations.

Beware of Fake Termidor

Termidor, with its secret formulation comprising a guaranteed 6 per cent fipronil content, is a highly effective solution for termite eradication. Its unique composition, combined with the binding and absorption properties that surpass other fipronil products, sets Termidor apart in dominating termite colonies and pests. It’s worth noting that Termidor’s remaining 94 per cent ingredients play a vital role in its overall effectiveness, differentiating it from similar products.

It is essential to know that certain farm supply stores market fipronil-based products claiming to be as effective as Termidor. However, these products are designed for agricultural purposes, prioritizing plant and crop growth, and may not exhibit the same soil binding effects that Termidor offers against termites.

Any claims made by agents or salespersons stating that their fipronil product matches or surpasses Termidor are inaccurate. Termidor’s true strength and efficacy lie in its secret 94 per cent formulation, making it the preferred choice for effective pest control.

Furthermore, it is strongly advised against engaging in DIY pest control, as it can be hazardous.

Termidor’s Impeccable Track Record

termidor accredited

As a Termidor-accredited pest control company with 14 years of experience, we have completed over 15,000 termite barrier installations using Termidor without a single job failure. Our high customer approval ratings are a testament to our meticulous procedures, which include proper product mixing, precise site preparation, and the utilization of specialist tools and pumps for the practical and comprehensive application of Termidor. 8-year warranties back our work.

Termidor remains our go-to product due to its ability to disrupt termite entry points. When combined with trenching and injecting 10 litres of Termidor per meter, this treatment effectively breaks the termites’ access to properties through the ground.

We hope this Termidor review has provided you with valuable information.

Please get in touch with us to request a free onsite evaluation and quotation (with no obligation required) for Termidor treatment.